I’ve been tagged!!

Holy smokes, I love being tagged.

And a while back, Wandering Nana (a private blogger) tagged me to write “6 unimportant things about me.”

Hm, that’s an interesting meme.

But since I’m feeling a bit on the dramatic side today, I’m actually going to write “6 crazy things about me” and do my absolute darndest to surprise y’all with at least one of them.  (Because even last time, I still didn’t surprise enough people…..)

So, here we go!!


1. When I was a teenager, I almost got killed by a herd of zebras.  (Okay, so “almost got killed” is a little strong, but I was definitely in danger of almost getting killed.  And that’s the truth!)


2. I was the only person ever known to use the chemistry room’s Emergency Eye Wash at my high school and was this close to going blind.


3.  When I was a kid, I rode to school one morning with a dead, bloated goat in the back of our van.


4. While I was growing up, I had a crush on all of my sisters’ boyfriends.  And all of my brothers’ friends.  (And with a family my size, that’s a lot of crushes!!)


5. In second grade, my class went on a field trip to Lake Tahoe and we were attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets.  The little buggers left me with 16 stings, a class record and an acquired allergy.


6. When I was a young teenager, I almost got run over by the Tahoe Queen dinner cruise boat.


So, there you have it!

(Please tell me you were at least a little surprised…..).


Okay, now it’s time for me to tag seven people:

Prince Charming

Melissa (a private blogger)




Heidi F


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7 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged!!

  1. Surprised and dumbfounded! You can’t leave us hanging. You have to share the “whys and hows” of the events. You are the first person I have ever known to have to use the emergency eye wash and I worked in a Doctor’s office. Where did you run into a dozen zebras? And best of all “Dead Goat”? Were you coming home from some “sacrifice a goat” event? :P

  2. @Linda: LOL! You are so funny! :)
    @Charlotte: LOL! It does? Pray tell, what does it explain?? :):)

  3. I don’t know if surprised is the right word. I didn’t know about any of those things happening, but I can totally believe they did.

  4. Wow, you definitely surprised me, too! And you’ve GOT to write about the zebras! And those emergency eye-wash stations? The thought of needing to use one of those in my chem class always me the heebie-jeebies…SO glad I never had to – and really glad you’re not blind!!

  5. I did a tag similar to this a a couple of weeks ago. I will do it again with a different approach. Thanks for including me and I loved reading your dramatic answers.

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