Bye, bye book

June 29th, 2008

PICT0138 edited

Mommy threw away my book today.

She said she had to do.

That books are for reading, not for bathing in the toilet.

And that y’all thought it was the right thing to do.

So we said goodbye.

It made us sad, because Mommy and Daddy gave me that book for my birthday.

But Mommy said it’ll be okay.

Bye, bye book.


The Bubbers King

p.s. It was pretty funny to watch you sink.

p.p.s. I’ll always remember you.  Sorry it had to end this way.

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Melissa | 7/1/2008 11:26 pm

Aww, poor book. And poor Bubbers! (And poor you!) I love that picture you took of him, though. Be prepared – as a mom of two boys (one of whom we affectionately nicknamed Captain Destruct-O), I can tell you that that little book will likely be the first of many beloved toys to go to that great toy bin in the sky… ;)


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