June 22nd, 2008

Hello!  My name is Heidi and this is me (in my long blonder hair years).

scan0001 edited

To know me is to know how much I love the land of my youth. This is the spectacular view I lived and breathed every day while growing up in the Carson Valley in Nevada. (And who says Nevada isn’t pretty?)

Those years were made special because of my family. Here’s my all-time favorite picture of my wonderfully large family. (I’m the second to the youngest–with the long brown hair).

Then things got even bigger when we started adding in-laws! We’re missing a sister-in-law here, but it’s the most complete one we have of the adults… (We’re also sans adorable children–of which there are 23 to date, and still counting!)

Here a few Heidi tidbits:

  • adores children like nothing else
  • sentimental
  • easily emotional (times a million ever since I got pregnant with my oldest child)
  • (annoyingly?) loud guffaw laugh
  • cheerful
  • loves anything romantic
  • very organized
  • driven
  • enjoys music
  • optimistic
  • enjoys photography
  • aspires to be published someday

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