I love flowers…

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…..Especially when I have no idea what kind they are!

Pictures by: Heidi

(From the country market)

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Hello! My name is Heidi. I went to college and got a couple degrees. Then I worked as a Speech-language Pathologist for two years until Bubbers came along. While I loved my job and working with kids, I love my job as a mom best. I started a blog because I love to write. I’ve written stories my whole life. Deep down inside my heart, I secretly dream to be published in paper someday. Until then, I’m publishing for y’all and hope you enjoy it! Here are a few of my latest posts...

10 thoughts on “I love flowers…

  1. i love flowers as well…… i just can’t seem to keep them alive for very long. i forget about them!!! thanks for sharing though.

  2. Such gorgeous pics! I am SO envying your camera now!! ;) And by the way, I’m pretty sure the 5th one down is a pic of peonies. We have the same ones in our front flower bed. :)

  3. Heidi! I am SOOOO sorry that I never replied to your email from months ago. I have been really bad about checking my email but now that I am a stay at home mom, I am all over it. I am glad that I found your blog. Beautiful flowers. It reminds me of my mom. She is always taking pictures of her flowers.

  4. Beautiful flowers , I love seeing the purple and the yellow after each other, the 2 colours go so well together.

  5. I am a friend of the Whitakers we also lived in your ward in Gardnerville. As a matter of fact your sister had her reception the night before our wedding in the cultural hall. Why I am commenting I was looking at Jesse’s blog and saw your photos. I am a photographer and I am very curious as to what kind of camera you use, your photos are amazing. (Are they photo shopped?). I use a cannon 30 D and my photos are not so intense. Loved the flowers. By the way how is your mom? She was always so nice to me.

  6. @Andrea: I’m the same way! :) So now I only have ONE house plant and it requires hardly any water, so I’ve managed to keep it alive.
    @Melissa: Aw, thank you! I’m so glad you like them! And I love that you knew one of them! After I posted them I realized I didn’t actually know a single one of them. But I can still love and appreciate them, right??
    @NATTIEE!!! Hey girl! Welcome to my blog and I’m so glad you have a blog, too! Now I can keep track of you and your family–thank you so much for commenting and no problem about not returning my emails. :) Congratulations again on being a Mommy!! I hope you had a great first Mother’s Day!
    @Jesse: I agree. Another testimony of our Divine Creator.
    @Suzanne: Thank you! I think you’re the only one who noticed how I did that on purpose… :)
    @Susy: Oh my goodness–thank you for your comment! What a small world that you’d find my blog through Jesse’s. :) Though I’m having a hard time placing you… What was your maiden name? That’s awesome that you’re a photographer! I have a Konica Minolta and I do edit my pictures in Fireworks (can’t afford Photoshop). I’m so glad you like my pictures and I hope you return often! Oh, and my Mom is doing really well–thank you for asking! A few posts back I put up some pictures and video of her from a recent visit. I will pass your comment on to her–I know it will make her day! :)

  7. Ok. Heidi I do not know you! I actually got your blog off of another friend’s blog. This is so weird, but I am addicted to your blog. I love the pictures and the stories they are so refreshing and fun. I love your camera and would love to know how you alter your pictures I don’t think I can do that lol. I have a Konica Dimage z6 not as high tech as yours. I have no Idea where to even start. I hope you are not bothered by my looking in from time to time. I do have to say it is hard to stay away… I can give you some info on me so it’s not so bad. I live in TX, and my hubby is in the Army currently stationed in Afghanistan. I am a student studying nursing and a stay at home mom with three kids 6, 4, 2… If you would like for me not to peek every once in awhile I would not be offended. Thanks for the inspiration of your pictures. Heidi F

  8. Holy smokes, Heidi F!! Of COURSE you can peek in as often as you’d like!! You are an absolute sweetheart–thank you for your kind comment! It totally made my day, seriously! (See–I can’t stop using exclamation points!) :):) Thanks for thinking my pictures and stories are so refreshing and fun–that’s exactly what I’m aiming for, so it’s wonderful to hear that’s how they come across. I hope I can help with the taking pictures–I wish I knew more and knew better how to teach it. And thank you for some info about you–I love hearing more about my readers. It sounds like you’re a busy woman!! :) I’m sorry to hear your husband is away–please thank him for serving our dear country. Uh oh–Bubbers woke up from his nap and is happily pounding on the wall, so I’d better go rescue our house… :) Thanks again for your comment and you are welcome on my blog any time!!

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