Fun with the grandparents!

Not only did my parents help Charming and I get our house and yard in order while they were here–but they also enjoyed some precious time with their 20th grandchild: the dear Bubbers King.


Movie #1: The Laugh of the Bubbers King


Movie #2: Bubbers and the Big Slide

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8 thoughts on “Fun with the grandparents!

  1. It’s so fun when babies learn cause and effect. Everything becomes a game. His laugh is very cute! And, why is it that kids always seem to want to go up the slide? :) He must have had fun having so many people to help him up!

  2. If your like me, you could listen to you little one laugh all day long! I make it a goal to make Luke laugh at least once a day! Very cute videos!

  3. @Kara: I totally agree! I loooove how we can turn anything into a game and I loooove that look in his eye when he “gets” that it’s a game and he just smiles and laughs. :):) It’s awesome! And good question–I don’t know–but he sure prefers it over the normal way! :)

    @JS: Yes!!! That’s my favorite thing ever!!!

    @Tearese: Yes! Charming brought that CD to our marriage and I love all the upbeat swing songs–so fun!!

  4. Fun videos! Love his belly laugh – that’s something you can definitely never get enough of! :) And I love the effects and music on the 2nd one. The music went perfectly with the “action”. :)

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