A few changes to Heidi’s Blog (by the Bubbers King)

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Good morning everyone!

While eating breakfast this morning, my Mom asked me, “Bubbers, dear, would you please tell my readers about a couple changes I made here on my blog?”

Then I pulled an empty yogurt container from the recycle bin, held it way up high to show her and then answered, “Sure, Mom!”

“Aw, thanks, son,” she smiled, stroked my soft cheek and then asked sweetly, “And would you please put that yogurt cup back in the recycle bin for me?”

“No problem!” I squealed, throwing the yogurt cup across the kitchen and then pulling out 5 empty cereal boxes and the grocery ads to boot.

Then she laughed, fed me a spoonful of her oatmeal and patted me on the head.

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So, the first thing you need to know is that my Mom is dismantling her Studio website.

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“But wait!” you say, “What about all the cute pictures she took of you, Bubbers?!”

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Aw, thanks for asking and don’t worry!

She moved them all over to the “Photo Gallery” tab you can see up top.

Now you can browse the albums anytime you want and you never have to leave my Mom’s blog.

(And you can see how fast I’m growing up and what a big boy I’m getting to be!)

You can also see the brand new tab up top for a “Photo/Movie FAQ”.

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That way, if people are wondering what programs she uses to do different things, there’s an easy place to find all the answers.

(Oh, and she also wanted me to apologize to Apple that it took so long for her to answer your question about how she makes her movies–but she hopes the new FAQ is helpful and gives the answers you were looking for!)

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Well, that’s all I’ve got for today, folks!

As always, thanks for reading my Mom’s blog–and let’s here it for recycle bins and empty yogurt cups!


6 thoughts on “A few changes to Heidi’s Blog (by the Bubbers King)

  1. Your mom is wonderful Bubbers. She is so willing to share her talent and help others to learn new things. Give her a big hug for being such a nice person and such a great mom to such a cute boy and wife to such an unusual Charming (i had a quota to meet with the word such) “P

  2. Oh Bubbers, tell your mom that it isn’t a problem that it took so long. I know she is a very busy woman with you hanging around!! ha ha

  3. Thank you very much for answering my question. I recently started playing around with Magix Movie editor and figured out how to put them on my blog through total trial and error. It took a long time, but I finally got my first video on my blog. There will be more to come too (once I get used to the program). Thanks for the help!!!

  4. What a handsome blog “emcee” you have! ;) I just love those overalls (and all the cute baby chubbiness underneath!) :)

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