Answering some questions…..

Good morning y’all!

Holy toledo–I’m so glad you guys liked that last post. Because seriously, I was working on it late last night while Charming was watching Sense and Sensibility in the background (so I was having a very hard time concentrating with all those sweet Edward and Elinor scenes distracting me), and I kept thinking, “Man, I don’t know if they’re going to like this….. Maybe I should just scrap the whole thing…..”

But finally I just threw in the towel, clicked the “publish” button and crossed my fingers that y’all would like it.

So, I was thrilled this morning to see your comments that you did like it! :)

Now please allow me to answer some questions…..

With words and circle

Kara asked:

That’s so fun! What cute boys! Okay, is that a bird sitting right next to Preston in the tulip picture? It looks like a bird to me, but then I can’t help thinking maybe it’s just a blanket or something they tossed out of the stroller. Am I just seeing things? I can’t imagine being so enthralled with the stroller wheel when there is a bird within arm’s reach. But then again, I’m not a boy. :)

My answer:

LOL! Holy smokes, it does look like a bird! I actually thought it looked like a diaper, but a bird is much better. :) It’s actually one of my knee pads wrapped in grocery bags. (I was wearing them to take pictures, but then once Preston’s mom starting taking pictures of me, we didn’t think they were very flattering–so I took them off and the boys were playing with them). :)

CIMG2139 with words

Charlotte asked:

Hilarious!! I just have one question: why the Saran wrap? I’m stumped.

My answer:

Well, I used grocery bags before (as seen in the previous picture), but the grocery bags kept coming off and they were super neon white–so I thought saran wrap would stay on better and be a little more discreet for poor Preston’s mom who had to be seen with me wearing them (she’s such a good sport!).

Your next question is probably: So why the grocery bags??

Well, I originally bought the knee pads to wear while I clean floors or give Bubbers a bath–so they’re made of a soft styrofoam that’s only meant to be indoors. And when I decided to try using them to help me take pictures, I didn’t want them to get dirty and scratched up–so I covered them in grocery bags. :) (But the saran wrap is much better. Now I wear them when I do yard work, too, and (so far) the homeowner’s association hasn’t complained…..).

PICT0389 edited 2

PICT0097 edited

Shellie asked:

oh your photos are beautiful!!! absolutely love the red tulips!! do you use any actions??? the boys look like they are having as much fun as you two. :D

My answer:

Aw, thank you, Shellie! (And welcome to my blog!) I edit my pictures in Macromedia Fireworks, so I’m not able use actions but do all the editing step-by-step. For these pictures, I really boosted the contrast and then added a black “inner glow”.

Well, I hope that clears things up for y’all. :)

Thanks again for your awesome comments and for being such great readers!

(And don’t forget to enter Andrea’s drawing for the Beleoki Design belts–she even said I can enter this time, so I’m going to head over there right now…..).

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