What’s going on behind my camera lens?

Have you ever looked at one of my pictures and thought to yourself, “Hm, I wonder what’s going on behind Heidi’s camera lens…..?”

Well, settle back and fasten your seat belts, because that’s where I’m going to take you…..

PICT0389 edited 2

Starting with this picture.

Here is Preston’s mom looking perfectly lovely amidst a never-ending field of gorgeous red tulips.

Quite picturesque, no?

And dreamy?

And romantic?


So, now that you have that image in your mind, please follow me to see what was going on behind my camera lens…..

With words

Here I give you the Bubbers king and his dear friend, Preston.

They are playing in the mud.

And making a mess.

And loving it!

I don’t remember how long Preston’s mom and I took turns posing in the tulips and giggling like giddy school girls, but those boys didn’t make a single peep the whole time.

And try as we might to keep them out of the dirt, they never gave up trying to get back in the dirt. And they were having the time of their lives. So, we finally shrugged our shoulders and said, “Such are boys.”

And then we went back to taking more foofy romantic pictures and giggling like giddy school girls.


PICT0097 edited

Now I give you this picture.

A wonderful little path I found on the grounds of our local temple that inspired so many romantic stories in me that I had to capture it–no matter what the cost.


Which brings me to showing you what that cost was…..

CIMG2139 with words

Here I give you me.

In the dirt.

And, of course, the sweet Bubbers king and his dear friend, Preston.

Eating rocks and digging in the dirt.


What can I say?

I saw a story and I captured it.

(And then Preston’s mom saw a story and captured it, too).



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8 thoughts on “What’s going on behind my camera lens?

  1. Hahaha… knee pads? If you would have strapped one of those to Bubbers’s booty… he wouldn’t have gotten dirt all over it! They also could have made Preston’s choice locations of mud and the Hard Rock Cafe a little comfier! Well, instead, we get some funny and fabulous pictures! Thanks! :)

  2. oh your photos are beautiful!!! absolutely love the red tulips!! do you use any actions??? the boys look like they are having as much fun as you two. :D

  3. This is so funny, imagine someone walking past you while you were taking that photo, the look on their face. Wonderful photos now you have let us in on your secret of your wonderful photograhy.

  4. thanks for sharing!!! i always wondered what you were doing behind the camera.
    thanks for also letting people know about the drawing! it helps so much!!!

  5. That’s so fun! What cute boys! Okay, is that a bird sitting right next to Preston in the tulip picture? It looks like a bird to me, but then I can’t help thinking maybe it’s just a blanket or something they tossed out of the stroller. Am I just seeing things? I can’t imagine being so enthralled with the stroller wheel when there is a bird within arm’s reach. But then again, I’m not a boy. :)

  6. Those were great behind the scenes moments! Now we know the rest of the story. I think its funny that you were wearing kneepads. But practical!

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