Coming clean and the hopeless romantic

So a couple weeks ago, I received an email that totally made my day.

A sweet person I’ve never met happened upon my blog and was impressed by my pictures, so she emailed me and asked me some great photography questions that made me realize two things:

1) I don’t really know anything about photography.

2) It’s time to come clean and tell everyone I don’t really know anything about photography.

So, here goes…

Do you shoot in RAW format?

Nope. Just plain JPEG. I heard about RAW format a while back and thought about changing. Until I realized it takes up more storage space than JPEGs and since I was already filling 1-3 DVDs a month, I didn’t think that was a good idea… So I just stick with JPEG. :)

Do you use a grey card to measure lighting?

No… (I don’t actually know what that is!) :)

What ISO do you prefer to shoot at?

Oh dear, I’m not sure… I have it on automatic, so whatever that is?

Do you shoot manual or automatic?

All automatic. Completely automatic (though I have lofty dreams of knowing enough to try my hand at manual some day…).

Did you teach yourself photography from a certain book or are you just learning as you go?

I am totally 100% learning as I go! I’ve tried reading some photography books (including my camera’s manual that everyone says you have to read), but they’ve all gone in one eye and out the other. So, I’ve given it up for now and just check out some photography blogs.

Do you adjust your images in photoshop or use any special actions?

Okay! Now here’s something I can bite off and chew! Yes, I do adjust my images in Fireworks (I wish I could afford Photoshop).

I always increase the contrast and sometimes the brightness. I also crop a ton, add borders and carefully edit out things I don’t like.

I’m also a complete and total hopeless romantic. It courses through my blood and never rests. And when I see something beautiful and inspiring, my romantic radar goes off and I take a picture.

And if my picture doesn’t reveal all of the romantic potential I see there, then I edit it.

For example, here’s a straight-out-of-the-camera shot I took in February:


I loved this scene and all the romantic stories it inspired for me.

But it wasn’t until after I removed the power lines and fence posts, increased the contrast and added a black border that I really felt like I released all the romantic potential I could see there:

PICT0048 edited

So, I guess that’s the only thing I know…

I don’t know two feefs about photography, but I do know I’m a hopeless romantic with a super sensitive radar.

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8 thoughts on “Coming clean and the hopeless romantic

  1. Your photography is very inspiring Heidi and thank you for sharing so much. You really have turned that photo into a masterpiece but the unedited one is so good as well. The romantic atomsphere has been well and truly captured.

  2. I’m not sure what a “feef” is but you know at least 10 more of those than I do about photography! I love your pictures – you are truly talented and I look forward to seeing you as you continue to progress!

  3. Regardless of your book knowledge, you still take wonderful pictures-and you edit them wonerfully as well! You have a good eye, something that is neccesary to good photography.

  4. Aren’t we blessed to be able to “take out” the ugly stuff in pictures? I wish I could do that in real life. You know?

    You have a wonderful eye for photography. Don’t worry about the details. The important thing is that you are producing a beautiful product and having fun in the process. (And you are sharing your work with ME — because I absolutely love it!)


  5. I learned a bunch of that stuff (grey card, iso, etc) in my photo class in college, but it was in reference to film photography. So while a review would probably bring it all back to my memory, I don’t remember it much right now, and am not sure how to translate it to digital so much.
    The only reason we have Photoshop is because K. Shanley gave us his copy of 7.0 a few months ago!
    Your pictures look great- lots of people who have little book knowledge can come up with better pics than those who’ve done all the research.

  6. Wow, can I tell you all how much I love you? Truly–you are so kind, supportive and wonderful. Thank you!! You make all the work I put into this worth it.

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