My Mom

May 11th, 2008

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The dear woman who taught me the nobility of motherhood.

(And the soggy 2-month-old Wooga man who proved it to be true).


Thank you, Mom.

(And Happy Mother’s Day!)


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Alycia | 5/11/2008 7:14 pm

You’re mom is so sweet! I remember talking to her for a while when she was visiting after you had Bubbers. She must have been a good mom, you turned out okay. :)

Vicki (Mom) | 5/11/2008 7:46 pm

Thanks Heidi, that was really nice. I hope you get through as it would be great to talk to you. Happy Mother’s Day to you too. Love you, Mom

tearese | 5/11/2008 9:22 pm

Happy mothers day!
Look at Bubbers! Awe.

Jenn | 5/12/2008 9:29 am

He is so cute , I have one that wears soggy shirts too !

Heidi | 5/12/2008 8:42 pm

@Jenn: Thank you and welcome!! Soggy babies are fun, huh? :):)

Jenn | 5/13/2008 7:55 am

Yes they are !


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