Goodnight Kiss

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Heather | 5/4/2008 6:37 am

Very Sweet Photo. This is the kind of photo that you’ll look at for hours once Bubbers is all grown up and too big too hold. I love it!

Alycia | 5/4/2008 11:56 am

Absolutely beautiful mother and baby! I love being able to capture precious moments like this one. :) Oh, and thanks again for being amazing!

Melissa | 5/5/2008 7:57 am

Awww…I love it! I agree with Heather – you’ll love remembering this moment captured in time years from now. I love what you did with the border and the sepia tone – looks good enough to be on the front of a card or something. ;)

charlotte | 5/5/2008 10:08 am

So sweet! It’s good to “see” you on here too:) Love the pic.

Ailene Hert | 5/5/2008 11:28 am

Very precious!


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