Don’t give up

PICT0141 edited

Okay, using this pole…..

PICT0145 edited

And only one hand, I shall attempt to pull myself to a standing position in this tricky grass.

PICT0146 edited

Whoah there!

PICT0147 edited

Okay, this isn’t over, yet…..

PICT0148 edited

Let’s just try again…..

PICT0149 edited

Using a wider base this time…..

PICT0150 edited

Holy smokes. I did it.

PICT0151 edited

That was harder than I thought it would be, but I never gave up, did I, Mom?

PICT0153 edited

“No, you didn’t, son–great job!!”

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  1. Your son is beautiful… and I love the pictures of the play-by-play of him standing up; priceless. Enjoy every minute of him.

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