Mr. D and the SLP

May is “Better Speech and Hearing Month.”

Did you know that?

I did–but only because I’m an SLP.

And I’d be one sorry SLP if I let the whole month pass me by without saying something about it–so I’m going to share one of my favorite SLP stories with you…..

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This adorable little boy is Mr. D.

Mr. D was a preschooler I met the first year I started working as an SLP.

Every Wednesday and Thursday after my lunch hour, I’d leave the teacher’s lounge and see Mr. D waiting for me outside my classroom with his dad and little brother.

I immediately smiled and the moment he caught sight of me, Mr. D and his little brother would shriek, run as fast as their little legs would carry them and hide behind their dad’s legs.

Then they’d slowly peek out, spot me coming and hurriedly hide again–declaring to one another in loud whispers, “She’s coming!!”

“There she is!!”

“Miss Heidi’s coming!!”

I smiled from ear to ear and played along as I walked up and unlocked my door.

Then I welcomed them in and Mr. D would sit at my table as I told him what we were working on that day.

After that, Mr. D ran to sit on the play rug and we’d start therapy.

He practiced saying sounds and words while I rewarded him with pieces to Mr. Potato Head or a train set or whatever we were playing with that session.

And Mr. D was such a hard worker!

He always did whatever I asked and was so eager to learn.

Then one day, after working with Mr. D for over a year, I told him my wonderful secret.

“I’m going to have a baby,” I told him with a smile and then watched to see if he knew what that meant.

He smiled back up at me, but didn’t say anything.

I touched my stomach and said again, “I’m going to have a baby.”

Again, he didn’t say anything but just smiled and then looked down.

The next week, his dad came to pick up Mr. D after our session.

But instead of leaving, his dad stopped and looked sideways at me.

“Mr. D’s said a couple of times that you’re going to have a baby,” his dad said slowly, “Is that true?”

I beamed, “Yes, it is!”

“Congratulations,” he smiled sincerely.

“Thank you!” I replied.

Then he chuckled to himself and continued, “Mr. D said twice yesterday, Miss Heidi’s going to have a baby, but her egg hasn’t hatched, yet.”

My eyes widened with surprise and then I laughed.

“Oh my goodness, that is so cute!” I said warmly as Mr. D shyly looked up at me and then down again.

Then the weeks and months went by, and before long, I had special news for Mr. D.

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“My egg hatched,” I said as I smiled at Mr. D and showed him my baby boy.

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“Would you like to hold him?” I asked as I carefully handed him my little boy.

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We all smiled and I tried not to be sad that Mr. D and his family were moving away, and I might never see him again.

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And then his little brother got a turn and I remembered all those times when they hid behind their dad’s legs when they saw me coming.

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And then I realized how lucky I was that Mr. D and his wonderful family were my friends.

And that for a short time, I was able to serve them.

Because to me–that’s what being an SLP was all about.


Post dedicated to: Mr. D and his family

Thank you for making my years working as an SLP so special.

And thank you for your permission to share your son. :)

A few changes to Heidi’s Blog (by the Bubbers King)

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Good morning everyone!

While eating breakfast this morning, my Mom asked me, “Bubbers, dear, would you please tell my readers about a couple changes I made here on my blog?”

Then I pulled an empty yogurt container from the recycle bin, held it way up high to show her and then answered, “Sure, Mom!”

“Aw, thanks, son,” she smiled, stroked my soft cheek and then asked sweetly, “And would you please put that yogurt cup back in the recycle bin for me?”

“No problem!” I squealed, throwing the yogurt cup across the kitchen and then pulling out 5 empty cereal boxes and the grocery ads to boot.

Then she laughed, fed me a spoonful of her oatmeal and patted me on the head.

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So, the first thing you need to know is that my Mom is dismantling her Studio website.

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“But wait!” you say, “What about all the cute pictures she took of you, Bubbers?!”

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Aw, thanks for asking and don’t worry!

She moved them all over to the “Photo Gallery” tab you can see up top.

Now you can browse the albums anytime you want and you never have to leave my Mom’s blog.

(And you can see how fast I’m growing up and what a big boy I’m getting to be!)

You can also see the brand new tab up top for a “Photo/Movie FAQ”.

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That way, if people are wondering what programs she uses to do different things, there’s an easy place to find all the answers.

(Oh, and she also wanted me to apologize to Apple that it took so long for her to answer your question about how she makes her movies–but she hopes the new FAQ is helpful and gives the answers you were looking for!)

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Well, that’s all I’ve got for today, folks!

As always, thanks for reading my Mom’s blog–and let’s here it for recycle bins and empty yogurt cups!


The best decision I ever made

58390014 for blog

Was going inside the Salt Lake Temple as Prince Charming’s fiance,

58390001 for blog

And coming out as his wife.

58400016 for blog

That day sealed him to me forever,

39670005 for blog

And I’ve thanked Heavenly Father for him every day since.


Happy 7th Anniversary, My Love!!


(And, um, yeah….. This is almost a month late.)

(And I really wish it wasn’t).

(But it is).

(So, I hope you still love me……)

(Because I’ll always love you.)

Answering some questions…..

Good morning y’all!

Holy toledo–I’m so glad you guys liked that last post. Because seriously, I was working on it late last night while Charming was watching Sense and Sensibility in the background (so I was having a very hard time concentrating with all those sweet Edward and Elinor scenes distracting me), and I kept thinking, “Man, I don’t know if they’re going to like this….. Maybe I should just scrap the whole thing…..”

But finally I just threw in the towel, clicked the “publish” button and crossed my fingers that y’all would like it.

So, I was thrilled this morning to see your comments that you did like it! :)

Now please allow me to answer some questions…..

With words and circle

Kara asked:

That’s so fun! What cute boys! Okay, is that a bird sitting right next to Preston in the tulip picture? It looks like a bird to me, but then I can’t help thinking maybe it’s just a blanket or something they tossed out of the stroller. Am I just seeing things? I can’t imagine being so enthralled with the stroller wheel when there is a bird within arm’s reach. But then again, I’m not a boy. :)

My answer:

LOL! Holy smokes, it does look like a bird! I actually thought it looked like a diaper, but a bird is much better. :) It’s actually one of my knee pads wrapped in grocery bags. (I was wearing them to take pictures, but then once Preston’s mom starting taking pictures of me, we didn’t think they were very flattering–so I took them off and the boys were playing with them). :)

CIMG2139 with words

Charlotte asked:

Hilarious!! I just have one question: why the Saran wrap? I’m stumped.

My answer:

Well, I used grocery bags before (as seen in the previous picture), but the grocery bags kept coming off and they were super neon white–so I thought saran wrap would stay on better and be a little more discreet for poor Preston’s mom who had to be seen with me wearing them (she’s such a good sport!).

Your next question is probably: So why the grocery bags??

Well, I originally bought the knee pads to wear while I clean floors or give Bubbers a bath–so they’re made of a soft styrofoam that’s only meant to be indoors. And when I decided to try using them to help me take pictures, I didn’t want them to get dirty and scratched up–so I covered them in grocery bags. :) (But the saran wrap is much better. Now I wear them when I do yard work, too, and (so far) the homeowner’s association hasn’t complained…..).

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Shellie asked:

oh your photos are beautiful!!! absolutely love the red tulips!! do you use any actions??? the boys look like they are having as much fun as you two. :D

My answer:

Aw, thank you, Shellie! (And welcome to my blog!) I edit my pictures in Macromedia Fireworks, so I’m not able use actions but do all the editing step-by-step. For these pictures, I really boosted the contrast and then added a black “inner glow”.

Well, I hope that clears things up for y’all. :)

Thanks again for your awesome comments and for being such great readers!

(And don’t forget to enter Andrea’s drawing for the Beleoki Design belts–she even said I can enter this time, so I’m going to head over there right now…..).