My son’s best friend

My son has a new best friend that he loves and adores and wants to take everywhere.

But it’s not the kind of thing children his age usually get attached to…..

It’s not a stuffed animal.

Or a blanket.

Or even my upper arm.


It’s his toothpaste.

Call me crazy, but I honestly didn’t see this one coming!

It happened one fateful morning last week.

PICT0041 cropped1

He fell in love with his tube of toothpaste and hasn’t let go of it since!

PICT0026 cropped

He carries it with him no matter where he goes.

PICT0033 cropped

All through the house.

PICT0071 cropped

And back again!

PICT0062 cropped

So this is what we see every time we turn around.

PICT0061 cropped

And we think it’s so adorable!

PICT0081 cropped

We call it his magic feather.

PICT0083 cropped

Because whenever he has it,

PICT0084 cropped

He seems to have more confidence in his walking.

PICT0078 cropped

Not to mention it totally cracks us up!

So we let him take it to church. And Costco. And the backyard.

But when he wants to sleep with it, we have to say, “No.”

It makes him sad, but we shake our heads and say, “Sorry, Bubbers, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.”

PICT0129 cropped

But we do let him have it while he eats.

PICT0154 cropped

Because even when Charming tries to get it, Bubbers won’t let him!

[Photographer’s Note: As you may have noticed, dear Bubbers is sporting his first facial wound from his newfound mobility. The poor tyke took a spill last week trying to chase a little boy through a store and face-planted into the bottom shelf of a display. It broke all our hearts, but we’re happy to report he’s healing quite well.]

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4 thoughts on “My son’s best friend

  1. Maybe the tube feels like someones finger, you know like he might hold on to if he was just learning to walk.
    Joshua’s favorite thing to play with is a tube of toothpaste when I’m doing my hair, its the only think that keeps him happy.

  2. In having my own son walking, I am so used to facial wounds, I really didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. The toothpaste is funny.

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