Run for your lives!

April 18th, 2008


Thurs., April 3, 2008
11 months old

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Stacey | 4/18/2008 7:47 am

I can’t believe how creative you are and how perfectly that music goes with the video! Watch out. Life as you know it will never be the same!

dep | 4/18/2008 7:50 am

Let the good times roll (or run as you wish)…. The quiet moments are over and you will be led on many a wild goose chase now!!! Way to go Bubbers, keep those parents on their toes, no holding you back now :-)). Looks lilke a bit of censorship in there with the black-outs..

Heidi | 4/18/2008 8:47 am

@Stacey: Oh, thank you! Video authoring is one of my favorite hobbies–so it’s really fun to be able to share it with everyone and celebrate Bubbers with it. :)
@dep: LOL! I inserted the black outs to take up time and add some dramatic effect and I hadn’t thought about it looking like censorship–that’s so funny!

charlotte | 4/18/2008 9:54 am

Awww… welcome to toddlerhood Bubbers! Now, you keep mommy & daddy on their toes okay? No slacking on the job.

Thanks for sharing that Heidi! What a cutie & you did a great job with teh vid!

tearese | 4/18/2008 12:05 pm

That WAS really cute! I can’t believe he’s walking all over now! Thats crazy!

Ailene Hert | 4/18/2008 3:21 pm

Hahaha, that was great! AND really cute! With the music, I kept expecting that walking Bubbers to walk to the bathroom and attack the toilet paper… :)

Kara | 4/18/2008 4:52 pm

What a fun video! The first two years are full of those fun milestones.

Wandering Nana-Linda | 4/18/2008 5:10 pm

This has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen. I loved it and the music… TEACH US MASTER!

Sarah B. | 4/18/2008 5:30 pm

What a neat video clip! Thanks for sharing-you are so talented (it helps to have such a cute actor too!). I LOVE it when my kids start walking; its so much fun. Enjoy!!

apple | 4/18/2008 7:50 pm

Oh…he’s walking. Now you will have some trouble on your hands…he will be into everything. That will bring new meaning to baby proofing!!! :)

Jesse | 4/19/2008 5:45 am

Hurray! Each milestone is fun, but this one is particularly exciting. Cute video.

Razor Family Farms | 4/19/2008 3:30 pm

I found your blog by way of The Pioneer Woman and LOVED the video of your beautiful little boy! What a wonderful website you have here!

Perhaps you can give me some advice on mine!



Melissa | 4/20/2008 3:27 pm

Fantastic job (as usual!) Heidi! So cute!!! The music was definitely perfect. I can’t believe how much older he looks just walking. Does it seem that way to you? And I LOVE his look of concentration as he works on keeping his balance! :) Welcome to toddlerhood! And watch out – before you know it he’ll be RUNNING out of the bathroom trailing the toilet paper behind him! ;) It never ceases to amaze me how dang fast two little feet on two chubby little legs can go!

Erika | 4/21/2008 8:30 am

I sent my congratulations, and my condolences. It begins! No really, that’s great! He’s such a beautiful boy!


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