First Haircut: The After

Awwww, ya’ll want to see more pictures?

Well shucks, that just swells my heart to overflowing!

Of course I’ll show you more pictures! :):)

PICT0210 cropped

This doesn’t really count as an “after” shot (though it was during his bath afterwards), but I just love his expression here!

And that big drop of water right smack dab in the middle of his forehead? So cute!

PICT0218 cropped

This doesn’t count either, but holy smokes! I can’t help but laugh when he does that!

Okay, okay, let’s see if we can’t get something closer to a real “after” shot now…..

PICT0085 (2)

Awww, those cheeks! They have the gravitational pull of a million Jupiters and I just can’t keep from kissing them!

PICT0068 (2)

And those long eyelashes and red lips? He’s got my heart for sure!

PICT0077 (2) cropped

Okay, this is looking more like an “after” shot for ya’ll, but I can probably do a little better…..

PICT0039 (2) cropped

Ooh, getting closer…..

PICT0147 (2)

And closer…..

PICT0045 (2) cropped


What do you think??

[Click here to see “The Before” pictures again.]

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11 thoughts on “First Haircut: The After

  1. He’s getting all grown up! Well, not really, but he’s not the little baby Bubbers I saw when I first started reading your blog!
    I really like the bath pictures too. I kept wanting to catch that drop of water!

  2. Aw, thanks, everyone!

    @ Ailene: LOL!! You have a VERY cute little daughter–I’ll ask Bubbers if he likes older women. :):)

    @ Apple: He was so cute–he loves the bathtub so much he just kept walking around and I followed him, cutting as we went. :) Then when he got restless, I turned on the water and he played with that while I finished up. It turned out a lot easier than I anticipated (yay!).

    @ Kara: Aww, your comment caused me to look back at older posts and I couldn’t believe how young he looks… He IS all grown up. (sniff, sniff)

  3. Boy did I get behind in reading your blog. It was fun to catch up. You did a fantastic job…Is there anything you can’t do? The pictures are beautiful and He is so cute.

  4. Heidi, if he doesn’t care much for older women, it’s okay. I have two daughters… :) One is about a year older and one is about a year younger… both are cute… he can have his pick… :)

  5. You did a great job with his hair! He looks so handsome. Hayden used to have such wonderful chubby cheeks, too. Now he’s four and no more chubby cheeks. Enjoy them while you can. :)

  6. OOooh! I just want to sqeeze those cheeks! You did a great job with his haircut – and with capturing the experience…although now I feel like I have hair in my mouth and throat…eeewww!!! ;)

    You’ve done such a beautiful job chronicling his first year…not to make you cry anymore ;) but years from now when he’s all grown up, you’ll be so happy to have all these moments saved in photos and writing. :) And I bet his future wife and children will be grateful too – you’ve given him and his posterity a wonderful gift.

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