The one thing

When we moved into our new house, we had such high hopes!

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We diligently covered all the outlets.

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Then carefully secured every cabinet.

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And finally, locked up all the toilets.

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But we soon realized there is no stopping the infamous Bubbers monster (and his cute, chubby cheeks!).

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Because he still tracked it down!

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The one thing you cannot protect.

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From the little Wooga fingers.

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12 thoughts on “The one thing

  1. Yes you can stop him. I promise. We had a tpunroller too. We actually had 2, one with hands and one with claws. They were like a tag team. One unrolled, I wrapped it back and then the other would sneak in and the process started over again. I realized one day that there was a way to stop it. I closed the door. As the hand tpunroller got older it did become a little more challenging except that she seemed to loose interest. Good luck.

  2. LOL! Wow–one with hands and one with claws, huh? :)

    Closing the doors is a great idea and definitely helps to keep him out! Any suggestions for when I actually need to keep him in? :):) (There’s gotta be some invention out there for this–some little plastic cover you can snap on and off??)

  3. Ha, ha! Both of my kids have been fascinated with tp! I finally just took it out of the bathroom that William uses. He now has “special” flushable wipes that are sacred to him (so he doesn’t waste them) and a little more difficult for Leonora to get to. We still occasionally have to drag L out of our bathroom, but it’s not quite as accessable there.

  4. that’s too funny! isabelle loves the toliet paper too. she’s starting to learn what it is used for so hopefully he will learn what it is for as well and not get into it as much. oh by the way thank you!!!!! hope you know what the thank you is for but you are such a sweetie and i will keep you posted on what happens.

  5. Have you tried turning the roll around (so it unravels the opposite way)? I’ve heard that works miraculously well!

  6. yeah, turning it around is a great idea. Elora was never too bad with the tp, and she rolls it back up if Joshua gets a hold of it. But she is Obsessive Compulsive about things being in order.

  7. The claws was our cat. When you say to keep him in, does he know how to open doors? They have those plastic things that you put on door knobs that an adult has to squeeze to get open. I never used that stuff. I tried to teach them but it takes a lot of time and patience and some kids never learn. We had this neighbor that put one of those locks (use to be for screen doors) on the outside of her son’s door so he couldn’t get out. I think that is a little drastic but I didn’t have a child like hers. The turning around didn’t work for the child but it did help with the cat.

  8. We always just shut our bathroom door… But, since you’re looking for something to put on it when he needs to be in there…


    I remember seeing these at the store (maybe Target or Babies R Us…), although I’ve never used them before, so I cannot vouch for its quality. Seems like a good idea, though. :)

    Good luck, and let us know if you buy one – I’d like to hear how well it works!

    Now, if they could only invent a Kleenex box guard… ;)

  9. Wow–thanks, Melissa! I will be looking into those–I think the second one looks pretty unobtrusive, yet effective. That should keep the TP safe while I’m doing my hair and make-up in the morning. :)

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