Meet Bob

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This is my good friend, Bob.

Bob and I met on the bus where he and his friend Matt teased anyone and everyone who sat up front and happened to make eye contact with them.

And if nobody would engage them in a battle of wits, they’d just turn and tease each other–reminding me of an old Bob Hope/Bing Crosby movie.

I always looked forward to the entertainment they provided for our long commute home, but I never threw my hat into the ring. I knew I was no match for the two of them.

But that didn’t keep me from enjoying the show and quietly laughing to myself at their good-humored barbs.

I laughed quietly for weeks before they suddenly noticed me and then it was all down hill after that!

They immediately dubbed me the “silent laugher” and every day when I got on the bus, they’d quip, “Oh boy, here she is again!”

“Who?” Matt would feign confusion.

“The silent laugher!” Bob cried out as I silently took a seat.

Then Matt would elbow Bob and ask, “Hey Bob, do you think she’ll talk to us today??”

“I don’t know, Matt,” Bob would reply, “But there she goes laughing at us!”

I would stare at the floor as the color started mounting in my cheeks, trying not to laugh, but not being able to help myself.

“I wonder what her name is,” Matt would ask Bob.

“Well, you could ask her, but I don’t think she’d answer you,” Bob would reply.

I kept my eyes glued to the floor as others joined in the fray and told Matt and Bob to “leave that poor girl alone”.

We went on like that for quite some time. Me keeping my silence as they tried to lure me into battle. I began to take pride in my silence and they enjoyed harassing their victim.

But then one day it happened.

One afternoon I stepped into the bus and there was only one empty seat in the front.

And it was next to Bob.

“Look, Bob!” Matt exclaimed as he watched me walk towards the empty seat, “The silent laugher’s going to sit by you!!”

I tried not to smile as I resolutely sat next to Bob.

Knowing this was the end of the road, I turned, looked Bob in the eyes and said, “Hello.”

Bob just stared at me.

“Did she just talk to you?!?” Matt cried out with surprise.

Bob continued to stare at me.

“She did!!” Matt was still crying out, “She talked to you! I can’t believe it!!”

And from that moment on, Bob and I became fast friends.

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And then one day Bob asked to meet my husband. So when we arrived at the park and ride, I took him to see Prince Charming who was there to pick me up.

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After that, Bob took us both under his expert wing and began showing us some of the wonderful sites and sounds our area has to offer.

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Because Bob knows every nook and cranny there is to know around here.

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And one day he asked me, “Have you ever seen the bald eagles, Heidi?”

I looked at him in shock and answered, “The bald eagles? There’s bald eagles here?”

He chuckled and replied, “You bet there are! I go see them every year. Do you wanna go see them?”

“I’d love to go see them!” I cried with excitement.

So, a couple months ago we all drove up north until we found them.

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And it’s a really good thing we had Bob with us, because Bob could spot them like nobody’s business.

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And he let us use his binoculars, because the majestic birds preferred to maintain their distance and be admired from afar.

(Can you see him? He’s there–I promise!)

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We had a fabulous time and were so glad Bob asked us to go.

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Even the Bubbers king was glad to be there.

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Even if he did wish he had a good pair of sunglasses to wear.

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“I wish I had a good pair of sunglasses to wear.”

And just imagine it–if I’d never broken my silence on the bus that day, Bob wouldn’t be my friend now.

And if Bob was never my friend, he never would have asked us to go see the eagles.

And if I never went to see the eagles, I never would have taken these pictures.

So, I guess it was meant to be!

Thanks, Bob. :)

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Pictures by: Heidi

An answer to prayer…

…and a scary revelation!

Read about our Sunday afternoon with the Wooga man on Prince Charming’s blog.


p.s. Thank you for all your incredibly kind comments on my pictures! I’m so glad you all like them and I’m flattered that you think I could sell them. I’ll have to look into that, but until then I’m content that you all enjoy them so much! :)

p.p.s. Thank you for your thoughts on the diamond vs. rhombus debate. I’m thrilled to have wonderful company in my “diamond” camp. :) Here are the answers to Friday’s test:


1) All diamonds are rhombuses. True

2) The plural of rhombus is rhombuses. True (or rhombi–as Ailene pointed out)

3) All rhombuses are diamonds. False

4) It’s still okay to use the term “diamond”. True (I’m assuming, since nowhere in our research did we see it declared to be otherwise…)

5) The shape in the picture below is not a diamond or a rhombus. True (It’s actually a “kite” as Kara said. To be a diamond, it has to have two equal-sized equilateral triangles in it. To be a rhombus it has to have 4 equilateral sides.)


6) A square is a rhombus. True

7) A rectangle is a rhombus. False (because it doesn’t have equilateral sides)

8) It’s okay to substitute “rhombus” for “diamond” in Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. False (In my humble opinion. I agree with Ailene & Kara–“diamond” is used in reference to the sparkly stone, not the shape.)

Thanks for playing y’all! :)

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