The tulips

Thank you to everyone who said they like my new spring header! Deciding on all the colors and getting it just the way I wanted was more difficult than I anticipated–so I’m really glad it turned out okay. :)

58400015 banner 2

The banner picture was especially challenging for me. Especially since (as Tearese pointed out), peach tulips aren’t in bloom right now, so I couldn’t go out and take a picture of my own. And when I looked online for free banners/graphics, there wasn’t anything I liked.

So then I racked my brain for anything I already had that might work and immediately remembered the gorgeous flowers in my wedding pictures with Prince Charming.

(And holy smokes alive–what’s more romantic than having a piece of your own wedding day at the top of your blog???)


So I pulled out our wedding CDs and smiled at my dear, handsome Prince Charming.


And marveled at the breathtaking grounds of the Salt Lake Temple that day.


And then I spotted what I was looking for…..

58400015 Banner selection

A small section of flowers that looked like it would work for a banner.

58400015 Banner selection cropped

So I cropped that section and sized it to the specifications that Charming told me I needed for a banner.

58400015 banner 2

And then I made mirrored copies of that section and lined them up to fill the whole length of the banner.

After that, I asked Charming to load it into my WordPress theme…..

And voila!!

Gorgeous wedding tulips at the beginning of March! :):)

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7 thoughts on “The tulips

  1. Wow, that is romantic! Makes me wish I’d gotten married in spring! (and that I had someone to turn my pictures into a banner!)

  2. Kudos on a very spring-appropriate banner. I’ve never seen your wedding pictures. You both look very in love & beautiful. And your long hair is amazing! The scene is very romantic… very Heidi. :)

  3. Beautiful! I think the flowers were prettier than when we got married at temple square. When did you get married again?

  4. Your wedding pics are great. You did a good job making your banner! Mine was just a picture I cropped into a longer shape.

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