Tip for the day: Packing

Dear Heidi,

I don’t want to hurt your tender feelers, but we need to address something that came up last night.

Before we do, though, let me say that I fully support your packing endeavors. I think it’s a great idea to pack everything you don’t absolutely need in preparation for moving next week. (If I was in your shoes, I’d be doing the exact same thing!)

Also, I understand it’s hard for you to know whether or not you’ll need a certain item between now and whenever you happen to find and unpack it. So each decision requires a great deal of foresight, discipline and self control. And so far, you’ve really impressed me. I think you’ve demonstrated excellent judgment in everything you’ve packed.

Well, everything except…..

Do you remember a few days ago? When you packed up all your pots and pans and Charming took them over to the new house? And you only left yourself one pot, one pan and Charming’s old pancake griddle?

Weeeell, I probably should have said something sooner…..

PICT0013 cropped & edited

But you needed to leave yourself a lid, too.

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4 thoughts on “Tip for the day: Packing

  1. @Ailene: It would make a mighty-finer lid if it were completely flat, but too many pancakes over the years has warped it. It does make a fun rattling noise over boiling water, though…:)

  2. Hahaha… I’ll bet Bubbers had a good giggle about that rattling noise! :) Sometimes a Corelle plate flipped over the pan works as a great lid too!

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