Right when you least expect it…

March 6th, 2008

(Tues. morning, March 4, 2008; 10 months old)

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Shawna | 3/6/2008 9:39 am

Congratulations Bubbers! His scoot crawl is soooo cute. :) I sure miss those days.

alycia | 3/6/2008 10:44 am

For some reason I can’t get the video to work, all I see is the “Heidi’s Studio” part. Anyway, congratulations to bubbers! Crawling is so fun!

Heidi | 3/6/2008 12:32 pm

Thanks, Shawna! We sure weren’t expecting him to start doing it–so it’s been so much fun!
Oh, no–sorry, Alycia! It’s Quicktime–do you have Quicktime installed on your computer? I’ll ask Charming if he knows why it might not be working…

andrea | 3/6/2008 1:11 pm

cute video!!! that’s awesome that he is crawling!

Tearese | 3/6/2008 1:39 pm

I can only see the Heidi’s studio part too, and we do have quicktime. Congratulations! Joshua just started crawling about two days ago as well. How fun! To bad they can’t crawl together.

Heidi | 3/6/2008 1:41 pm

Sorry, Tearese! We’re going to try and figure out an alternate way of posting it–hopefully we’ll get it to work tonight after Charming gets home and can help me. :) WordPress is a little trickier with videos than Blogger was…

Tearese | 3/6/2008 1:42 pm

oh! After I looked at the comments I went back and it worked. Maybe it just needed time. The way you made that video is so funny! We’re going out of town tomorrow, but I will probably post the video we made of Joshua crawling when I get back. Its not nearly as fun as yours is though!

Heidi | 3/6/2008 1:49 pm

Oh good! I’m glad it worked because I had no idea how to fix it!! :):) And I’m glad you enjoyed it–thank you! :)

Oh, have a fun trip (drive safe!) and I can’t wait to see Joshua crawling when you get back! I agree–I wish he and Bubbers could crawl together, too!! :)

Heather | 3/6/2008 8:44 pm

hey heidi…
i somehow don’t have your email. Thanks for checking out my bloggie. I’m a nerd, but somehow Jimmy still likes me. :)

To answer your questions about the photos…
Yes, sometimes I frame the photos up quick on a white matte for the blog, but sometimes I post my scrapbook pages too. I use photoshop elements for my scrapbooking and photo editing. I used to use fireworks as that’s just what we had, but i totally LOVE photoshop elements and would love Photoshop CS3 someday.

P.s. Do you remember when I emailed you about Abe’s speech. Well – we put him in preschool last fall and also speech therapy at the elementary school. He did a million times better. I think we need to put him in speech here in utah if they’ll accept him as he keeps slurring everything together and leaves out common verbs… but anyhoo.. . I appreciate your advice you gave.

Heidi | 3/6/2008 9:08 pm

Hi Heather! Wow–thank you for visiting and your awesome comment! Oh, I’m so glad Abe’s speech is getting better! Good luck with therapy in Utah! I just sent you an email–so I hope you got it okay. :)

Jesse | 3/7/2008 5:39 am

Okay, that’s really cute!

Apple | 3/7/2008 6:18 am

That is the cutest little video. I bet bubbers is excited about it to. Now he can crawl/scoot for the things he wants.

alycia | 3/7/2008 8:18 am

Yay it worked! I love how he scoots on his tummy, that’s so cute!

Kara | 3/7/2008 8:53 am

So cute! I liked the soundtrack too!


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