A good friend



Do you remember Bubbers’ friend, Preston?


The last time I wrote about him was back in September with some of these pictures.


And I can’t believe how small and young they both look compared to now!


But I just love how darling they were together.


Laying there, looking sweetly at one another.

PICT0172 cropped

And holding hands as cute as can be!

That’s when I thought to myself, “Having a little boy isn’t as scary as I thought it would be.”


Now, let’s fast forward a few months to Bubbers’ first trip to an island…..

PICT0142 cropped

Where dear Preston came with us!

PICT0246 cropped

Along with his awesome parents.

PICT0118 cropped

We had a great time together and Bubbers especially enjoyed having so many people to wave to!

PICT0289 cropped

Then after the island, we went back to our house.

PICT0283 cropped

Where we changed the boys into their cuddly PJ’s and watched them play together.

PICT0281 cropped

At first, they enjoyed companionable silence while staring into the fire.

PICT0271 cropped

And then out of nowhere, Bubbers got all riled up!

PICT0273 cropped

And he reached out to Preston…..

PICT0274 cropped

And grabbed his ear!

PICT0279 cropped

And his pajamas.

PICT0275 cropped

And his….. face!

[Holy smokes! That’s when I jumped in to save our dear, patient Preston.]

PICT0282 cropped

But then afterwards, they just stared off into the fire again like nothing had happened!

So….. I guess this is what it means to have a boy?? :)

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11 thoughts on “A good friend

  1. Cute pictures! Joshua loved the one of them on their hands and knees, he reached out and tried to touch the screen. Too bad he can’t be there to play with them!

  2. Me too! Heidi these pictures are just wonderful. Thank you so much for such a nice post. :) Preston loves playing with Bubbers.

  3. cute pictures! i can’t believe how fast they grow. sorry about not entering in the drawing, our computer decided it wanted to be a jerk and not work. the bibs and stuff look way cute and lisa is very talented!

  4. It was my absolute pleasure, Alycia! Bubbers loves playing with Preston, too! And you’re sweet to suggest Preston poked at Bubbers–but I don’t remember too much of that going on… :):)
    Thanks, Andrea! Oh, I’m sorry you missed the contest, but hopefully you’ll be able to make the next one. :) Computer problems are never fun, so I hope all is well with yours now. I’ll pass your kind compliment on to Lisa–thank you!
    Aw, thanks, Jesse–give him a kiss for me, too! :)

  5. I was gonna say before…that picture of Alycia and her family looks like its out of a catalog! Seriously, they look like models.

  6. I thought the same thing, Tearese!! When they got out of their car I thought, “They all look like they just stepped out of a magazine!!” I was so impressed with their coordinating outfits and thought they should totally model.

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