Bubbers and The Bib

A while back, I got an email from my friend, Lisa, who asked me a question.

Lisa is incredibly talented and recently started her own business where she makes and sells the most adorable baby bibs, burpies and aprons.

And somehow or other, she picked up on the fact that I have an obsession for taking pictures of Bubbers, so she proposed a fantastic idea for channeling this obsession into something with tangible benefits.

“If I send you a free bib, would you take pictures of Bubbers wearing it for me to put on my business website?” she asked me.

Not only did she use two of my all-time favorite words in the English language (“free” and “pictures”), but she also completely flattered me by the fact that she wanted to use Bubbers (my Bubbers!!) as a model for her website.

I was totally game and asked permission to post about it on my blog.

“No problem!” Lisa said, and we struck a deal!

Not long afterwards, we received the promised bib and I began planning the photo shoot…..

PICT0071 cropped

I dressed him in a yellow shirt and put him on the kitchen table with one of his spoons.

PICT0032 cropped

Then I got him to smile by teasing him with his spoon.


After that Charming put the spoon in his mouth for Bubbers to get.


Which is one of Bubbers’ favorite games!

PICT0095 cropped & edited

After the shoot, I downloaded all the pictures to my computer and thought they were pretty cute.

PICT0109 cropped

But soon realized I didn’t like the look of the them as well as I’d hoped.

So I tapped my head and said, “Think, think, think.”

Then I did three more shoots until…..

PICT0038 cropped

KaZAM!! Now this is what I’m talking about!

PICT0034 cropped

Now you can really see Lisa’s bib and I preferred Bubbers’ blue shirt over the yellow.

PICT0121 cropped

So now let me say a few words about this top-notch bib…..

PICT0149 edited & cropped

Not only does it turn Bubbers into a stylin’ little dude.

PICT0037 cropped

But it also rinses off like magic! (Seriously, after I fed him and it was covered in food, I rinsed it in the sink and all the food just slid right off).

PICT0116 cropped

And something I really love is how it folds up nice and small.

PICT0134 cropped

So it fits compactly into my diaper bag.

PICT0104 cropped

And hidden underneath is a soft layer of fabric that’s very gentle on Bubbers’ sensitive skin.

PICT0052 cropped

Which is a good thing, because ever since Bubbers launched his Sneak Attack yesterday morning, he’s been wearing it 24/7.

PICT0056 cropped

And we couldn’t be happier! :)

(Thanks, Lisa!!)


Click here to view the blue shirt album.

Click here to view the yellow shirt album.


p.s. The only thing I might change about the bib is to have a pouch at the bottom to catch spilled food and liquid.

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  1. Cute pictures! Those bibs do sound really cool, but I agree with you that a pocket at the bottom would be nice, all of Preston’s bibs have those to catch the food. I hope Bubbers starts to feel better.

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