The Sneak Attack

Poor Bubbers has been under the weather the past few days with congestion, a cough and a low-grade fever.

But he’s sure been a real champ about it all and we’ve had a good time cuddling and taking it easy together.

That is, until this morning, when he launched The Sneak Attack…..


“Okay!” I smiled, looking down at Bubbers, “You’re all ready for the day!”

Bubbers and I were in his room, where I’d fed him and just finished changing him out of his pajamas and into his clothes for the day.

“Should we go to the kitchen so I can have my breakfast now?” I asked, hefting the Little Man up into my arms and then opening his door.

No sooner had I walked out into the hall than Bubbers began coughing up a storm.

“Wow, Littles,” I said with concern, “Are you okay?”

Still coughing, he suddenly looked over at me and went BLAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

46 gallons of milk came shooting out of my son and splattered all over me and the hallway.

“Holy garbage!” I yelled.

Charming was getting ready for work in the guest bathroom nearby when he heard my yelling.

“What is it?! What’s wrong?!” Charming asked as he ran into the hall.

“Please take Bubbers,” I said hurriedly, handing the Little Man to his father and quickly trying to mop up the soaking hallway with a burp rag.

“What happened?!” Charming asked with shock, looking over the soggy scene.

“Bubbers just threw up all over the place!” I explained as I mopped.

Then the Little Man turned towards his father.

“Cough! Cough! BLAAAAHHHH!!!”

“Aaaahhhh!!!!” Charming shrieked, trying to aim the spewing Bubbers at something other than himself.

Noooooo!” I screamed from the floor, desperately trying to dodge the launching fluid as Bubbers quickly reloaded for another round.

“Cough! Cough! BLAAAAHHHH!!!”


Boy, it was a close call, but I’m relieved to report we all survived The Sneak Attack from the poor invalid Bubbers.

And amazingly, even our carpet escaped the onslaught.

You see, we put these plastic runners down on the carpet all through the house so potential buyers can walk around with their shoes on.

And we realized that Bubbers had kindly launched his attack all over the plastic–so it was all okay!

Can you believe that little guy?

What a cutie!


p.s. Please knock on wood that Charming and I won’t get this and engage in our own Sneak Attacks…..

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6 thoughts on “The Sneak Attack

  1. Whatever! I did not aim him at you. I simply pointed him in a direction that would be less likely to get vomit on my freshly scrubbed epidermal regions.

    Besides, I can’t help it if you positioned yourself underneath a vomiting baby! Deeb!

    Seriously though, great post!

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  3. Poor little man!!! I hope he isn’t super sick! The only times Jilly’s done that has been in the car. At least, when it’s been much. Poor babies! Sick babies are the saddest!

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