Heidi vs. The City (The City won)

I’ve never been good at parallel parking.

My Driver’s Ed teacher taught me how to do it back in high school, but I was pretty hopeless and couldn’t do it unless I had tons of room to work with.

So when I took my driver’s test at 16, I dreaded having to parallel park.

But, thank goodness, the heavens were merciful that day and the man never asked me to do it!

So I passed the test and spent the next 11 years studiously avoiding the need to parallel park.

Seriously, I’m more than happy to park 23 blocks away from my destination to get an easy parking job.

Or at least I was more than happy, until I had the Bubbers king.

And now I realize the extreme importance of being as close to your destination as possible when transporting 23 pounds of cuteness and 64 pounds of Bubbers gear with two shrimpy arms.

So when I drove into The City today, I did it.

I parallel parked.

Or at least, I attempted to parallel park.

HPIM7116 edited & brightened

And I’m glad to report nobody was hurt during the execution of this monstrosity.

HPIM7122 edited

In fact, Bubbers amazed me with his ability to nap through the whole ordeal.


Nonetheless, I probably should take Charming up on his offer to re-teach me how to parallel park.

Just in case I ever have to do this again during my next 11 years of driving.

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5 thoughts on “Heidi vs. The City (The City won)

  1. What a relief. From the title I was expecting news of a gun-point hold up. If parallel parking was the worst of your city woes (not that it isn’t an exacerbating task) you are in good shape my dear. I don’t think you would like LA very much.

  2. Oh, I love going to the city! I loved living there too. To me it was an exciting thing, so different from where i grew up. I loved taking the bus at 11:00 at night even. I’m not scared of weird people, even the guy with the lace skirt I saw about twice a week.But then, if I’d had to drive I might not have liked it so much.

  3. Jesse: Oh no! Holy smokes–that WOULD have been a bad trip to the city if I’d been held at gun-point. Fortunately, no–it was a very good trip compared to that. :) I’ve only been to LA once, but was pretty young, so I can’t remember much… If it requires parallel parking, though, that would damper my enthusiasm for it. :)
    Tearese: I agree–there are lots of exciting things in the city! I just do a LOT better when I’m taking a bus or Charming’s driving. :)

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  5. Another awesome post. :) I hate parallel parking too…how in the world did you luck out and not have to do it for your drivers’ test?? It was my poor scores on that and backing around a corner that made me flunk my first test. :(

    Anyway, LOVED the line “And now I realize the extreme importance of being as close to your destination as possible when transporting 23 pounds of cuteness and 64 pounds of Bubbers gear with two shrimpy arms.” Heehee Isn’t it incredible how much STUFF babies come with?? Just the other day I purposely drove around the Wal-Mart parking lot for an extra 5 minutes just trying to scout out the perfect parking spot – one that was as close as possible to the doors. :)

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