Trident: My new addiction

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Have you ever had Watermelon Twist Trident?

I hadn’t until recently…..

You see, one day out of the clear blue sky, my dear niece, Emma, sent me a letter in the mail and asked me if I would be her pen pal.

Are you kidding me?? I wrote back, Of course I’ll be your pen pal!!

Then her brother and two of her sisters jumped in on the action and asked me if I’d be their pen pals, too!!

So now I smile regularly when Charming gets the mail and I see their cute handwriting on the front of an envelope and the back covered in protective Scotch tape.

Because without fail, there’s always a delicious bulge to the envelope, where they’ve taped pieces of Watermelon Twist Trident gum to their letters for me to enjoy. :)

So, now I’m totally hooked on their sweet letters and yummy pieces of gum!


This is Emma’s last letter to me:

scan0001 cropped & edited final

(How cute is that???)

And she was so thoughtful, she even wrote to Charming, too:

scan0002 cropped & edited

(I just can’t read that and not smile!!)

Then to top it all off, she even wrote to the dear Bubbers man:

scan0003 cropped & edited

(Holy smokes! I just love this child!!)

And, of course, there were delicious pieces of Watermelon Twist Trident gum carefully included for all of us to enjoy.


Then yesterday, Emma unexpectedly caught me by surprise and instead of sending me a letter, sent me a card that read…

“Wishing you peace at this time of sorrow.”

And above that she penciled in:

“Dear Hidi, Thanks! Love, Emma”

I was very touched that Emma had been thinking of me, but quite confused as to what it all meant, exactly.

Time of sorrow?? I thought to myself, I’m having a time of sorrow? I didn’t know that…..

So, I called up my sister.

“Hey Ade,” I said when she picked up the phone.

“Heidi! How are you doing??” she asked with a smile I could hear clearly.

“Great, thanks!” I answered, “Except, I was wondering if Emma knows something that I don’t…..”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, I got a sympathy card from her today and I wasn’t sure why…..” I explained, trying to hold back the laughter bubbling inside of me.

Ade immediately busted up laughing, “Are you serious?? I’m so sorry!”

“No, I loved it!” I laughed.

“She’s been sending random cards to everyone,” Ade explained, “You see, I got this box of cards from Costco on clearance and I told the kids they could use them. And the next thing I knew it was empty and I had no idea where they all went! And so far I’ve found out that she sent Dad a birthday card and wrote, “Um, I’m not sure if it’s your birthday, but here you go,” and the she sent her friend a sympathy card, but her friend couldn’t read, so her parents had to read it to her, and then she sent Leesy [our sister] a get well card and wrote, “I don’t know if you’re sick, but here you go!””

Laughing uncontrollably at this point, I just shook my head and said, “That is awesome!”


Needless to say, I will always treasure Emma’s sweet sympathy card during my time of sorrow.

(And the only thing that could’ve lifted my sorrow even more is if she’d taped a Watermelon Twist Trident or two onto the cover for me…..) :)

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7 thoughts on “Trident: My new addiction

  1. That’s funny about your niece and the gum. Trident is a good choice because it has Xylitol in it which helps prevent cavities. Good choice!

  2. I wondered which Heidi had commented until I read the comment about Xylitol…:)

    I read that it had Xylitol on the label but thought it sounded like a prescription drug…

    “Trident, now with Vicodin!”

    That would sell some gum.

  3. Heidi: Delicious AND nutritious?? Now I’m REALLY going to be addicted. :):) (Thanks so much for the comment!)
    Charming: You crack me up (as always!). If I see you trying to market something like that I’ll be suspicious…

  4. how fun to have pen-pals…especially ones who send you treats! Now I want one (a pen pal and gum)! (do you want my address…?) J/k
    I love the card story. My mom sends us cards for every event and holiday, including st patricks, easter, valentines, etc. Its great! The only way it would be better is if it had a dollar or gum included.

  5. ps Joseph won’t eat Trident because it says xylitol. He thinks he’s allergic to artificial sweeteners. If he’s eaten something and then finds out later that it had something artificial in it (or even splenda) he suddenly feels dizzy or has a stomach ache. I think its all in his head, personally, but don’t tell him I said that!

  6. LOL!! Emma LOVES adding new pen pals, so if you’re serious, I’m sure she’d love to write you, too. :):)

    Joseph is awesome–he totally cracks me up!!

  7. Emma is very cute. I can’t believe how old she is getting. It makes me feel sooooo much older. I remember A. back in the high school musical days, going away to college, getting engaged to S…. Crazy. Danelle P. and I had dinner over at their apartment my freshman year just a couple of months after Emma was born. And now she has pen pals?! I really think its time for that ‘pause’ button you mentioned before.

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