These eyes

PICT0098 cropped & edited

When Bubbers was born, we had no idea what color his eyes would be.

PICT0090 cropped & edited

Charming has brown eyes and I have blue eyes, so we naturally thought that narrowed down our options.

PICT0084 edited

But since Charming’s adopted, it throws in a good dose of mystery and suspense when we’re dealing with his gene pool.

PICT0083 edited

So when Bubbers was born, we were eager to see what color he got.

PICT0092 cropped & edited

My first reaction is to say they’re a deep, dark blue.

PICT0082 cropped eyes

But if you look closely…..

PICT0092 cropped eye

You’ll notice there’s dark blue around the outside…..

PICT0092 cropped eyes

But a smattering of brown around the inside!

PICT0090 cropped eyes

I happen to think they’re gorgeous and am head-over-heels in love with them.

PICT0082 edited

But I still don’t know what color they are…..

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5 thoughts on “These eyes

  1. if you look at isabelle’s eyes they are brown but have green in the inside. I absolutely love isabelle’s eyes!! how fun it is to guess what color they will have when they grow up. keoki’s are a dark blue right now but it will be interesting to find out what they will be in a few months!

  2. Everyone but my dad has brown in my family (his are blue). I think Josephs are brown,but he says they’re green. I guess Elora inherited hers from Joseph, as they are a with brown. They’re very pretty!
    Joshua came from me…dark, dark brown, no question.

  3. I’m not sure what color either of my kids eyes are. And my daughter is 3. Sometimes her eyes look green, other times blue, and sometimes a little brown. My son, most days they look brown, but some days I’m not sure what color they look, but I know they most definitely do NOT look brown. I have a cousin that had blue eyes until she was somewhere between 4 and 8 I’m not quite sure what the age was, but now they are brown. Eye color is definitely an interesting thing.

  4. His eyes are beautiful. The dark blue and brown together makes him a unique individual even if there isn’t a name for it. :)
    I love seeing pic’s of him, it just makes me smile. :)

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