Bubbers is captured

PICT0003 cropped & darkened

You have the right to remain silent.

PICT0018 cropped & edited

Anything you babble can and will be held against you in a crib of law.

PICT0019 cropped & edited

You have the right to have a binkie present during questioning.

PICT0020 cropped & edited

If you cannot afford a binkie, one will be appointed for you.

Do you understand?


(Sweet dreams, captured Bubbers king!)

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7 thoughts on “Bubbers is captured

  1. Isn’t is completely amazing and hilarious the positions baby’s can sleep in? Sam’s fave was on his tummy with his legs sticking out the bars of his crib. Jonas’ was with his blanket spread over his face (we were terrified he was going to suffocate until we realized that if he was going to he would have already). Micah’s current fave is the baby classic: cheek to the matress, bum in the air! Bubbers is too cute!

  2. Aw, thanks, Lynne! You are so sweet. :):)
    Charlotte: Yes!! One of my favorite past times is taking pictures of all Bubbers’ crazy positions–I had no idea all the stuff he’d come up with once he could move. :)

    That’s too funny about Sam, Jonas and Micah! Bubbers has gotten his legs out the bars a couple times, but the sleep sack makes that a little difficult for him. Does Jonas still pull a blanket over his face? Is that the baby classic?? Bubbers has done that one quite often and I always thought it was so funny.

  3. that’s way too cute!!! does he sleep like that a lot? isabelle sleeps with her butt sticking straight up. it’s way too cute. i even got a picture of it when she was like 5 or 6 months old.

  4. He sleeps in some pretty weird positions, but this one has been quite frequent lately… In fact, right after I posted this last night, I went in to check on him and he was sleeping like this–and it totally made me laugh! :)

    Oh, how cute, Isabelle! Does she STILL sleep like that? How funny! I figured this would wear off eventually, but it sounds like it may last longer than I thought… :)

  5. Joshua likes to sleep with his blanket around his head as well, and he fingers the edges of it to get back to sleep. He especially likes those with a fringe edge. He’s totally going to be a kid who carries a blanket around; I can see it already.

  6. Really? You know, I used to think all children liked to have a blanket or stuffed animal buddy… Until I met Bubbers! He has shown zero interest in cuddling anything and at first I wondered if I was supposed to TRY to get him to have a “snuggly” but realized if he doesn’t want it, then I guess he doesn’t need it…

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