Come here, quick!

[I want to show you something, but you have to be very, very quiet…..]

PICT0015 cropped

[See little Bubbers? He’s showing us how cute he is when he concentrates!]

PICT0016 cropped

[He’s completely fascinated with his Dad putting branches in the yard waste bin.]

PICT0017 cropped

[And I’m completely fascinated by those soft, chubby arm rolls.]

PICT0019 cropped

[And deliciously round Wooga cheeks.]

PICT0023 cropped


PICT0031 cropped

[He’s spotted us!]

PICT0045 cropped

Well, hello there, Bubbers! Fancy meeting you here…..

PICT0052 cropped

[Quick! Let’s get outta here while he’s not looking…..]

PICT0059 cropped

[Uh-oh!  He caught us again!]

PICT0062 cropped

[Oh boy, we’re in real trouble now! We better think of something fast…..]

[….. Wait a minute–I know what to do!!]

PICT0077 cropped

Patty-cake, patty-cake, baker’s man!

PICT0078 cropped

Bake me a cake as fast as you can! …..

[Hooray!….. Works like a charm every time.] :):)

Feedburner is coming!

For those of you who read my blog via RSS feed, I wanted to let you know my “feed address” will be changing tomorrow.

To be honest, I really don’t understand how my “feed address” is different than my URL or how feed works or how I’m able to change it– but my dear Prince Charming does. And he highly recommends that I start using Feedburner to manage my feed.

“Manage my feed”…… Hm, that suddenly takes me back to my llama-feeding days as an adolescent. When my Dad held a pan of grain in his hand, looked down at me and said, “To llamas, this grain is like candy. Watch this!”

And then he shook the pan so the sound of the grain carried out into the pasture where the llamas were grazing. In five seconds flat, the entire herd stampeded into the corral with a huge cloud of dust and started fighting over the grain pan.

They all tried to shove their heads into the pan at the same time, eating the grain as quickly as their lips could snatch it up. Spitting fights broke out as the more powerful llamas tried to take sole possession of the pan. Ears flipped back angrily and heads reared this way and that, shooting grain pellets at anything that moved.

Phew!….. Amazing how it all comes back when you stop to remember….. Well anyways, I don’t think that’s the kind of feed Charming’s talking about. But he thinks I should do this, so I am. Because I love him and trust him and he did this with his blog, so I know for sure shootin’ it’s okay.

So, tomorrow, anyone who subscribes to my feed will need to update their readers to my new feed address:

Thanks, y’all!

Bubbers just woke up, so I better go. (Oh! And he’s feeling much better now–just a tiny cough every now and then. Thank you for your well wishes and concern!)

–Heidi :)

p.s. Thank you for all your help, Love! I couldn’t do this without you and I really appreciate it!