His first dollar! (Part 4)

“Excuse me,” the lady coming down the ramp repeated, “But you’re not allowed to take pictures on bank property.”

I stared at her for a long second, her unexpected words swirling around in my brain, trying to be processed.

Really??” I finally replied, unconsciously tightening the grip on my DSLR camera.

At this point, she was off the ramp and began slowly walking backwards towards the parking lot so we could continue our conversation.

“Yes,” she nodded and then smiled, “I just wanted to tell you in case someone gave you a hard time about it.”

She was still walking backwards and she motioned in the general direction of the bank as the “someone” who might give me a hard time about it.

“Oh, well, thank you,” I said, not sure who she was or what to do with the 56 illegal pictures I’d just taken on bank property.

“You’re welc–,” she began when suddenly her left foot misstepped off the edge of the sidewalk.

Immediately, she lost her balance and started wildly swinging her arms as she fell straight back with a quiet thud onto the cold winter sidewalk.

Completely shocked, I just stared at the poor woman laying on the ground.

Finally I came to myself and called, “Are you all right??!!”

She just laid there.

Completely silent.

And completely still.

To be continued…..

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Hello! My name is Heidi. I went to college and got a couple degrees. Then I worked as a Speech-language Pathologist for two years until Bubbers came along. While I loved my job and working with kids, I love my job as a mom best. I started a blog because I love to write. I’ve written stories my whole life. Deep down inside my heart, I secretly dream to be published in paper someday. Until then, I’m publishing for y’all and hope you enjoy it! Here are a few of my latest posts...

7 thoughts on “His first dollar! (Part 4)

  1. Hi Heidi,

    I came across your site from Stacey’s blog and thought I’d drop in and say hello.

    Your blog is so fun and I absolutely adore your writing style; as an English Grammar and Usage major, I believe my opinion holds a minute amount of “authority” in that regard. :)

    I’m also in love with photography and have been looking for a good SLR. If you have any suggestions, would you mind sending them my way?

    Thanks and keep up the great blogging adventure!

  2. Hi Michelle!!
    Wow–welcome to my blog! You totally made my day with your compliment of my blog and writing style–thank you!! (You can DEFINITELY drop by anytime!) :):) Good luck with camera shopping–SLR’s rock!

  3. heidi
    you killed her? lol i love your story… i can’t wait to find out what happens next! :)

  4. Andrea: LOL! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. :):)
    Michelle: Sorry about the short response earlier–I’m going to write back with more camera details after our temple recommend interviews right now. :)

  5. Hi again, Michelle!

    The camera we got is a: Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D by Canon and we’ve been really happy with it.

    Charming did all the research and we decided on this one for two reasons. 1) There was a great deal for it on Craigslist at the time and 2) It has the anti-shake-movement-thing function in the BODY of the camera (which means you don’t have to pay an extra $1,000 for each lens to have the anti-shake-movement thing function in it).

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