Introductions: Part 3

January 27th, 2008

This is my son: Bubbers

PICT0069 cropped

Charming and I just adore him to pieces and he brightens our every day.

PICT0145 cropped

He’s not a big fan of hugs, but I squeeze him tight anyways (I just can’t help it!!).

PICT0073 cropped

I love his big eyes and long eyelashes.

PICT0074 cropped

And there’s nothin’ in the world better than his big two-teeth smile!!

PICT0068 cropped

He loves “walking” along the furniture or with support from our hands.

PICT0003 cropped

Every night we sneak into his room and whisper “Good night, Little Man” and “We love you, Bubbers” to him. Then we high-tail it out of there before we wake him up. (He’s a trooper, though–didn’t even budge when I used the flash one night to snap this one–it’s all about the non-REM sleep).

PICT0122 cropped

He is my precious little buddy!

Here are few Bubbers tidbits:

  • has his Dad’s handsome good-looks
  • loves to eat
  • very curious & observant
  • loves to be sung to
  • great sense of humor
  • loves to be in the middle of the action
  • appears quite serious in public–rarely cracks a smile for strangers (which makes Mom and Dad feel special)
  • enjoys the outdoors, new places & new people
  • large in stature & surprisingly strong
  • exceptional sleeper
  • has the most wonderfully soft, chubby, kissable cheeks ever to grace this planet

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