Jane Austen

Charming and I don’t watch TV.

(Well, except for our DVD’s of The Cosby Show, The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie).

And it’s truly quite wonderful for us.

I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way!

Well….. until I saw this: The Complete Jane Austen on PBS.

Now I wish I had PBS for the next two months!

After all, how can I call myself a hopeless romantic and miss all of these movies???


I guess I’ll just have to save up my personal money and eventually buy them all on DVD.

Or just maybe…..

(Psst! Hey, Love?)

(Are you there?)

(Um, I just wanted to remind you that Valentine’s Day is next month.)

(Oh, and I think Mother’s Day is coming up sometime soon, too.)

(Um, I just thought you should know that, okay?)


(Great, thanks, Love!)

(See you after work!)

(Love ya, bye!)


By chance, have any of you seen these PBS movies??

What did you think??

Are they any good??

I’m the most excited for the Persuasion one.

That was my favorite Austen book of them all, but I’ve never liked any of the previous movies of it.

This one looks really good, though, so I’m hoping it’s a keeper!

(Psst, Love?)

(You still there?)

(Okay, just checking.)

So, while I’m waiting for my personal money to acrue, I thought I’d entertain myself with this little gem…..


“Which Austen heroine are you?”

I am Catherine Morland.

I am Catherine Morland!

:: C A T H E R I N E ::

You are Catherine Morland of Northanger Abbey! You love a good Gothic romance – so much, in fact, that you’ll fool yourself into thinking you’re living one! You are imaginative and naive, which is at once endearing and perplexing. Perhaps your heart is TOO pure…but it is adventurous. After all, you love a trip to Bath or a stay at an ancient Abbey.

Take the Quiz here!


At first I thought it was a bunch of bull-honkey, but after I read the description to Charming, he said, “That’s totally you!!”

So, there you have it!

I’ll never read Northanger Abbey the same again…..

(Psst, Love?)

(You still there?)


(Um, I just wanted to tell you that you’re the most handsome, sweet, loving, smart, funny husband in the whole wide world.)





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13 thoughts on “Jane Austen

  1. Good for you. Less TV is more, in which case no TV is the most!

    I’ve been really tempted by the line up for Materpiece Theatre as well, but we leave our TV off on Sundays. And I don’t think I’ve seen any of the PBS productions, so I can’t tell ya what we’re missing. Have you seen this production of Persuasion: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114117/ ? I think its one of the better that I have seen. Sara and I always have a good laugh when they are all in Lime, and Anne’s sister “will be content!” by jumping off the wall and she ends up with a concusion. Laughter is not the intended response, but its so characteristicly, metaphorically and ironically perfect. We just can’t help ourselves.

    When I took the Austen Heroine quiz a while ago, I was Elenore Dashwood which I think fits me pretty well. And though Cori isn’t as quiet as Edmund, I think the descriptions that I got to choose regarding my beau were pretty fitting as well. Your likeness to Catherine is a little uncanny my friend! :)

    Fun post Hides.

    And with that, I conclude my novelette in your comments section. Sorry

  2. Holy smokes, the shows play on Sundays? Darn. Oh, well, there goes that idea!! :) I suppose I could get PBS AND TiVo–but that’s probably a little excessive for a few movies, huh?

    I have seen that production of Persuasion and it was pretty good, but just didn’t spark for me, you know what I mean? Which is funny, because I LOVED the Captain Wentworth in Jane Eyre. That scene was too funny, though, you’re absolutely right!! I remember Charming being like, “What on EARTH?? That girl just jumped off a wall and now she’s unconscious???” I nodded, “Yes, quite suspenseful, huh?” :)

    That’s so interesting that you’re Miss Dashwood! I don’t think I would have guessed that… That’s interesting about Cori, too. And now that I think about it, Charming does remind me a little of the hero in Northanger Abbey (can’t remember his name right now…). How funny…

    And don’t you worry one bit about leaving long comments–I LOVED it!! You can leave as long a comment as you want whenever you want!! (And that goes for all my other wonderful readers as well!)

    Thanks, Jheshe!

  3. Sorry, I haven’t seen them much either. Although, A &E’s version of Pride and Prejudice is good, the pbs version I saw once from the 70’s was corny. I’ve only seen that, and Emma (is that Jane Austin?)
    My roommates in college really liked her stuff, I hadn’t watched it before then, and generally haven’t watched it unless I’m with them.
    When I was in college, I always planned on not watching tv when I was married (I did fairly well when single) but that didn’t work out.
    We watch way more than I would like, and it keeps increasing each year, but I think J thinks we don’t watch it very often at all.
    I guess thats what compromise is all about.

  4. Wait, I’ve seen Jane Eyre too (the play and the movie). And another one I can’t think of the name. About the girl who was sent away because her mom had lots of kids. She had dark hair, and the father -of the house she moved to- owned slaves in America. What movie is that? I don’t know if thats Jane Austin either, but its the same period.

  5. Just curious, where do you get your “personal money”? I’m just wondering if you get paid for your job as a mom and I’m getting jipped. I might need to ask for a raise from my employer.

  6. Tearese: Yes, I LOVE A&E’s Pride & Prejudice and proudly own that on DVD already! :) (And I think that’s the one they’ve got lined up on PBS…). Yes! Emma is Jane Austen, and there are two good movie versions of that out there (own them both!). I think I started the 70’s version of Pride & Prejudice and just had to stop it because it was so boring–so sad.

    Yes–marriage and compromise definitely go hand in hand! :)

    Oh, I love Jane Eyre! It’s not Jane Austen, but definitely a good one (though I still need to read the book–that’s on my to do list after finishing Bambi).

    Ah, Mansfield Park, yes… Did you like it? Was it the one from a few years ago? I personally didn’t like it (ran from the room as fast as I could during one part–holy smokes!). I don’t think it was faithful to what Jane Austen would have wanted at all. So, I’m hoping this PBS one is better than that one, too. (Although, that was my least favorite book of them all, too, so the material they have to work with isn’t the best, in my opinion).
    Stacey: LOL!! No–Charming and I just budget a little personal money we each get every month to spend on whatever we want (though we always run it by the other person first–especially when I’m hauling in truckloads of foofy romantic movies–Charming likes me to run them by him first). :)

  7. Exactly! And actually, now that I think about it, there were TWO parts I didn’t like–and both would have made Jane Austen roll over in her grave. Or at least if they didn’t, they made me roll over in mine! :)

  8. That description COMPLETELY describes you Heidi!! LOL! Sorry, haven’t seen any of the movies but I hate Jane Austen (and I can say that – I’ve read 3 of her novels and that is enough to make a decision off of, I think). Good luck with your Valentine’s day gift! (Just don’t put the movie in the microwave Charming *wink wink*)

  9. Charlotte: LOL! We still have that copy of Charade we accidentally fried in the microwave… Along with the singed pot holder. :):)

    That’s okay, I knew you weren’t a fan. :) But I don’t think I’ve ever asked why–what didn’t you like about her books? Was it the plot lines or her style of writing? I’m very curious… Or is it your general dislike of romantic comedies and such? (Not that I’d describe Jane Austen as romantic comedies, but it’s in that general genre, I suppose).

  10. I love Jane Austin! I got Sense and Sensibility w/Emma Thompson at Target for really cheap. I think it was $5. I also have the Kiera Knightly version of Pride and Predjudice. I’d like to have the A&E version too, but I like the newer one. It’s shorter and easier to watch in one sitting. We recently rented Emma too. That was fun. I’ve read Northanger Abbey. You must be highly imaginative! :)

  11. Kara: Yes! I have those two movies, too! I agree–the Kiera Knightly version is nice for a quick Austen fix. :)

    I never considered myself particularly imaginative, but I suppose I am… I’m often writing stories in my head. Although I did that much more in middle and high school–and they were all incredibly foofy, romantic and unrealistic stories! :) So–I guess it fits Catherine pretty well. (Except–they weren’t gothic–no murders or anything). :)

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