Snapshot in time: 9 months old (Part 2)

More of his favorites:

PICT0155 cropped

  • Tags, tags, tags!

PICT0142 cropped

PICT0143 cropped

  • Random taste tests

PICT0221 cropped

  • Acrobatic tongue curling


  • Trying to pull up on things


  • With great gusto! (Youch! Doesn’t that hurt, Little Man??)

PICT0206 cropped

  • Reaching

PICT0214 cropped

  • And reaching

PICT0151 cropped

  • And more reaching

PICT0244 cropped

  • Slowly cruising around corners.

PICT0097 cropped

  • Randomly waving

PICT0177 cropped

  • All he can do with his amazing hands


  • Looking much older than he really is
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3 thoughts on “Snapshot in time: 9 months old (Part 2)

  1. He really is the cutest little guy! I love seeing all the pics you take of him. I was telling my daughter the other day you parents having babies now are SO lucky with digital cameras – no film to buy, nothing to process except what you choose and maybe even edit ahead of time. And as a grandma, I get to enjoy a whole lot more pics and a whole lot faster! blessings ;)

  2. Tearese: LOL! He DOES have a lot of hair and my Mom claims it’s all from Charming because in my family we were pretty much bald until high school or something like that. I think that’s why he looks so old, too.
    dlyn: Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoy all the pictures–because I REALLY enjoy sharing them with you! :) And you’re so right about the digital cameras. I’m sure that’s why Heavenly Father sent me down during this era, because He knew I needed to have them or mothering would be very hard for me. :) It sounds like you really enjoy being a grandma–how wonderful!!!

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