Snapshot in time: 9 months old (Part 1)

January 23rd, 2008

PICT0166 cropped

Bubbers is 9 months old now.

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And I can’t believe he’ll be a whole year old in just 3 months…

PICT0115 cropped

So here’s another snapshot in time before he changes even more on me!

What he’s doing right now:

  • Sitting on the floor of my bedroom
  • Laughing, squealing and saying, “Fffft! Fffft!”
  • Playing with the tiger ball toy his Grandma and Papa gave him for Christmas
  • (Now he’s on my lap emptying the contents of the desk drawer onto the floor)
  • (Now he’s napping)

What he’s wearing:

  • 12 mos. bottoms
  • 18 mos. tops
  • 24 mos. socks

How he’s sleeping:

  • 12 hours at night (7 p.m.-7 a.m.)
  • 3 half-hour naps during the day (sometimes longer, but not too often)

His Favorites:

  • THE PHONE!!! (If I’m on one, he wants it and he wants it right now–or else!)
  • Being in the middle of whatever I’m doing
  • Pulling empty cereal boxes out of the recycle bin and carrying them around in his walker (and running into the wall)
  • Attacking the dishwasher whenever I open it
  • Proudly banging a spoon on the tray of his walker (and running into the wall)
  • Using his pincer grasp on Cheerios
  • Nursing (awww!)
  • Hurling things to the floor
  • Banging things together
  • Pens, balls, scotch tape, car wheels, eye glasses, watches, Daddy’s name tag
  • Walks, baths, songs, outings, new people, other babies
  • Cereal, yogurt, bread, bananas, carrots
  • Walking! (with support)
  • Slowly cruising around the coffee table with frequent stops to slap it vigorously
  • Playing on Mom & Dad’s bed
  • Yanking off his socks
  • Reaching for the lens cap on the video camera
  • Sitting on Daddy’s shoulders and grabbing two fist fulls of hair
  • Banging Daddy’s head on the wall over and over

His Not-So-Favorites:

  • Getting his nose cleaned (huge crocodile tears, much writhing, wailing and gnashing of gums)
  • Apple sauce, avocados, peas, peaches (he’ll eat them, but they make him shiver or throw up)
  • Being tired

How he’s changed:

  • Rarely spits up!!!!!!!!!!!! (Going strong for about two months now, so I think it’s safe to declare it…)

Mom’s favorites:

  • When he falls asleep in my arms while nursing (and then taking a nap along with him!) :)
  • Reading books to him while he relaxes on my lap
  • Sharing my string cheese with him (as he excitedly opens his mouth wide and backs his walker into the wall)
  • His chubby arms and hands
  • His profile
  • His eyes
  • His babbling, raspberries, squeals, new/strange sounds and machine gun noises
  • His eagerness to smile and laugh at me
  • His intense curiosity
  • How he stares people down and they can’t help but smile at him
  • Dancing to Diamond Rio in the kitchen
  • Patty-cake (he’s started to do it again!!)

Things I thought he’d do that he hasn’t:

  • Hug me back
  • Crawl
  • Bounce to music

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Jesse | 1/23/2008 11:42 am

This is a great thing to do. Gracie didn’t crawl until she was about 9 1/2 months. And then she was walking a few weeks later. You just never know what they are about to do!

Tearese | 1/23/2008 12:49 pm

that was a fun list! I liked the ‘gnashing of gums’ part. My baby looks like a stick compared to yours! He wears 12mo pants, but can wear 6mo shirts because he’s just skinny enough.

Andrea | 1/23/2008 5:17 pm

sounds like what isabelle was doing at that age and she was wearing the same size as well. i can’t believe how fast they grow. isabelle now wears 24-2t pants and some 2t and 3t shirts and 3t-4t dresses. she is just so darn skinny and has a long torso. i can’t believe that your little boy will be a year old in 3 months, time really does go by quickly!

Heidi | 1/23/2008 6:47 pm

Jesse: Thank you–I always feel this urgent need to do it and I feel this strange sense of relief after I do. Does that make any sense? Anyhow, thanks for your encouragement on his lack of crawling! :)
Tearese: LOL! I’m so glad you liked it! :) And I don’t think Joshua looks like a stick! Bubbers is just so incredibly solid and stocky. The reason he needs 18 mos. tops is to accommodate his bulging belly and arms. Even then I can just BARELY get his chubby wrists through the sleeves!
Andrea: Wow! Isabelle is in 3T-4T dresses??? That little girl is going to be so tall and thin! Yeah, I can hardly think about Bubbers being a year old without getting dazed and needing to sit down and steady myself!


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