Visiting Heidi’s house…

… means having a photo shoot!!


“Heidi, would you mind taking some pictures of us with Bubbers?” Charming’s Mom asked me while they were visiting.

Are you KIDDING me?!? I wanted to burst out with excitement, Pictures are my life blood!!!

But I managed to smile calmly and reply, “Not at all.”


The next Sunday after church, I busted out the black fabric and Charming (fully practiced in the art of setting up my studio) hung it from the ceiling.

Then he got the tripod, camera, remote control, lamp and stools while I directed this and that.

And then BAM!

PICT0066 black & cropped

Here we are!

(Yeah, I totally look pregnant even though I’m not. Please excuse me while I go burn that shirt…)

PICT0117 edited & cropped

Then I got behind the camera and took some shots of Grandma with Bubbers.

PICT0129 edited & cropped

And then Papa joined in the fun, too.

(Proving how much he loves the Bubbers king because he hates pictures even more than Charming does).

PICT0148 cropped & edited

Then Charming suddenly pulled out his usual antics…..

PICT0140 cropped & edited

And put us all in stitches!

(Man, I love that guy!!)


Then a couple days later, Charming’s Mom asked, “Heidi, would you mind taking a few more pictures of us in non-Christmas clothes?”

Are you KIDDING me?!? I wanted to burst out again with even more excitement.

PICT0220 edited & cropped

First, I experimented with “filtering” my flash with a tissue, but worried that it was too dark.

PICT0033 edited

So I took it off and poor Bubbers became Super Reflector Baby again. (Oh, well, someday I’ll figure out my lighting…..).

PICT0070 edited & cropped

Then Papa really pulled through and proved his love once again. (Aren’t they just precious together?!)

PICT0039 edited & cropped

What a wonderful couple!

PICT0069 edited & cropped

Can you see why I miss them so much? :)


To view more pictures, visit Heidi’s Studio.

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10 thoughts on “Visiting Heidi’s house…

  1. So so so so cute, Heidi! Charming’s parents look totally delightful. And you’d never know his dad doesn’t like being photographed.

  2. Thanks, Jesse, I appreciate your forgiving eyes. :)
    Thanks, Whimsy! They are really great and I’m so glad the pictures of Papa turned out so nicely.

  3. Again I have to say, who needs JC Penney’s Portrait Studio?? Fantastic pictures, Heidi! Such a beautiful family! :)

  4. wow, if you think you look pregnant, I’m not showing you the picks where I look pregnant! You should get some studio lights so you don’t have to use your flash at all. Do you have some already? Those look great, by the way.

  5. Aw, thanks, Ailene–what a compliment! :)
    Thanks, Melissa! Making my own studio was the best thing ever for me. Not only does Bubbers actually smile for me (and he never would for a strange photographer in a strange studio) but after the cost of the fabric–it’s all free!! And thanks for not thinking I look pregnant. :)
    Oh, Tearese–I saw you pregnant and you were TINY!! Just a little pooch and that was it! It was just disappointing for me to have all the baby weight off and then see myself in that picture where it doesn’t look like I have all the baby weight off with the way the shirt was bulging… Oh, well!

    Great idea on the studio lights! That’s on my wish list. But I’m not sure what kind to buy… I was actually thinking of a bigger attached flash–what do you think?

  6. Congrats on getting all the baby weight off Heidi (is there anything that doesn’t come easy to you??) and I have to agree with everyone else:
    a) These pics are DARLING. You have a real talent. (It doesn’t hurt either that Bubbers is so darn photogenic – that baby and his sweet lil’ face!!)
    b) You don’t in the least look pregnant and, actually, I find that color red very flattering on you:)

  7. Wow, Charlotte, I will keep you as a friend ANY DAY!! :) I do think y’all are being very forgiving, but it still makes me feel good–so thank you!

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