This pond understands

I spent the better part of my teenage years faithfully in love with my dear Superman, Dean Cain.

Dean and I had a long-standing date every Sunday night on ABC for four years.

And let me tell you, I was true and faithful to this man to the bitter end.

(Don’t laugh, Jesse.)

I collected every single picture and article of him that I ever saw in a magazine.

And I put them all in my “love folder”, so I could take them out and adore them regularly between our Sunday night dates.

(C’mon, I’m serious, stop laughing, Jesse!)

Then Charming happened to see my “love folder” one time when I was going through some boxes and happened upon it.

I had forgotten about it (sorry, Dean!!) and Charming immediately busted up.

“Aren’t you gonna throw that away now?” he asked through his laughter.

I looked at him in complete and utter horror.

What?!” I replied, “Throw away Dean?!”

Apparently, Charming did not appreciate what Dean and I had together.

But that’s okay, because earlier this month Charming, Bubbers and I went to an island.

And I found this pond.

PICT0253 smaller, contrast, brightness

It was immediately apparent that this pond truly understood me.

PICT0254 contrast, brightness

And my adolescent obsession for Superman.

PICT0256 contrast, brightness

Thank you, pond.

(I can still hear you laughing, Jesse!)

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Can I tell you how much I love Costco??

Yesterday, we had our usual bi-monthly trip to Costco for groceries.

And I don’t know what it is about that place, but I always leave with a smile on my face and a beaming heart.

Yesterday, I had three reasons for this…..


1) The Little Girl

At the end of the trip, we got in line to pay for our items and a cute little girl about 3 years old was in a line next to us.

She immediately spotted the Bubbers king seated in his throne, surrounded by his various food subjects.

And boy oh boy, did she like him!

“Baby!! BABY!!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAABYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she yelled across the cement expanse separating her and the Little Man.

Bubbers completely ignored her and pounded on the container of spinach next to him.

“Hi Baby!! Hiiii Baby!!! HIIIIIIIIII BAAAAAAAABYYYYYYYYYYY!!!” she tried again.

Still, the Bubbers king was oblivious to his adoring princess.

Her mother tried to help, “You need to wave to him. He doesn’t know you’re talking to him.”

HIIIIIIIIIIIII BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!” she operatically sang with vigorous waving.

Bubbers sucked in his lower lip and puffed out his cheeks, staring up at the ceiling without as much as an eye flicker in her direction.

Completely laughing outloud, I intervened to get his attention and direct it towards the little blond girl practically climbing out of her cart in a vain effort to get so much as a glance from his royal Bubberness.

He finally looked at her.

BAAAAAABYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Baaaaaaaaaaaaabyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!” she exploded as she finally locked eyes with him.

With a single eyebrow raised, Bubbers looked at her like she was a space alien from Mars.

She could barely contain her excitement and continued to call to him until we were out of sight.


2. The Grandpa

After we paid for our food, a sweet elderly man stopped us.

“Boy, he’s a cutie-patutie!” he said, smiling at Bubbers.

“Say thank you!” I said, poking the Little Man in his ample abdomen.

Bubbers ignored me and grabbed the receipt from my hand.

“How old is he?” the man asked.

“Nine months,” I answered.

The man kept smiling and we had a delightful conversation about his grandchildren.

He pulled their pictures out of his wallet and showed them to me.

“My grand daughter stayed over last night and this morning, she put her hands on my cheeks and said, ‘Ba-ba, I love you. You’re my best friend!'” he said, joy radiating from his face.

“Aww!!” I smiled, completely touched.

“Talk about melting my heart!” he said and we smiled at each other.

Then he told me the secret to keeping children from growing tall and I was all ears!

“Don’t put the cookies on the top shelf,” he advised, “Or they do this,” and he reached his arms way up high.

It took a moment to understand his joke and then I laughed heartily.

“Keep them down low,” he smiled with a twinkle in his eye and reached down low to make his point.

I laughed again and promised to follow his advice.

We talked a little more and eventually said goodbye.


3. The Great-Grandparents

At the beginning of our shopping trip, I took Bubbers to the fruit section.

“When you pick out bananas,” I explained, “You want ones that don’t have any black on them because that means they’re bruised.”


He understood completely.

I searched through the bananas and didn’t notice an elderly man standing nearby, listening to us.

He chuckled, “So you’re teaching him how to pick out bananas, huh?”

I smiled, “That’s right!”

The man walked over and smiled at Bubbers.

“It’s amazing how fast they learn,” he mused.

“It sure is,” I agreed.

Then his wife joined him and she smiled at Bubbers.

“How old is he?” she asked.

“Nine months,” I answered.

“Aww,” she said and looked at her husband, “Just like one of our great-grandchildren.”

Then she asked, “Does he like stickers?” and magically pulled a sheet of stickers out of her purse.

“Why, yes, he does!” I answered with a smile.

She pulled off a sticker and put it on Bubbers’ hand.

“Say thank you!” I said and lovingly stroked the Little Man’s hair.

The couple told me about their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with faces that shone with pride.

We parted and I smiled down at Bubbers.

He was very grateful for the sticker.

And I was very grateful for Costco.

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His first dollar! (Part 4)

“Excuse me,” the lady coming down the ramp repeated, “But you’re not allowed to take pictures on bank property.”

I stared at her for a long second, her unexpected words swirling around in my brain, trying to be processed.

Really??” I finally replied, unconsciously tightening the grip on my DSLR camera.

At this point, she was off the ramp and began slowly walking backwards towards the parking lot so we could continue our conversation.

“Yes,” she nodded and then smiled, “I just wanted to tell you in case someone gave you a hard time about it.”

She was still walking backwards and she motioned in the general direction of the bank as the “someone” who might give me a hard time about it.

“Oh, well, thank you,” I said, not sure who she was or what to do with the 56 illegal pictures I’d just taken on bank property.

“You’re welc–,” she began when suddenly her left foot misstepped off the edge of the sidewalk.

Immediately, she lost her balance and started wildly swinging her arms as she fell straight back with a quiet thud onto the cold winter sidewalk.

Completely shocked, I just stared at the poor woman laying on the ground.

Finally I came to myself and called, “Are you all right??!!”

She just laid there.

Completely silent.

And completely still.

To be continued…..