Tis the season…

December 24th, 2007

For more Christmas pictures! :)

The jolly Bubbers king wishes each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas Eve!

PICT0069 cropped


PICT0254 cropped

PICT0018 cropped 2

PICT0068 cropped 2

PICT0154 edited & cropped

PICT0181 cropped & edited

PICT0075 cropped


PICT0279 cropped & edited


Visit Heidi’s Studio for more jolly Christmas pictures.

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charlotte | 12/24/2007 1:48 pm

LOL! He has THE BEST facial expressions! I bet you guys just laugh yourselves silly every day with him. Thanks for sharing these Heidi!

andrea | 12/25/2007 6:39 am

heidi, very cute!!! Merry Christmas! I hope bubbers loves his first christmas and loves the paper as well! lol :)

Heidi | 12/28/2007 11:02 am

LOL! Yes we do! :)
Thank you! He had an awesome Christmas and it looked like your daughter did, too! :)

Ailene Hert | 1/2/2008 2:35 pm

I love his facial expressions too! Very cute!


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