A new skill

The Bubbers king has learned a new fine motor skill…..

PICT0100 cropped 2


At first we weren’t sure if that’s what he was really doing.

We were playing with him one morning when out of nowhere he began staring at Daddy with this odd expression in his eyes.

Then his little hand raised up and ever so slowly his pudgy fingers would open and close.

Open and close.

Open and close.

“Holy smokes!!!” Charming and I said at the same time, “He’s waving!!!!!!!”

We both blew a gasket right there and spent the next 56 hours trying to get him to repeat it, but he never did.

Then out of nowhere he did it again.

And again!

And againagainagainagainagainagain!!!

Now he waves at EVERYTHING!

The arm rest.

The crib.

The cordless phone.

The microwave.

The Christmas tree.

The laundry.

The couch.

PICT0097 cropped

Um… .. The air??

It’s awesome!

Last night when we were saying goodnight, I was holding the Little Man and he waved to Charming about 26 times in a row.

I just laughed and laughed and Charming smiled so huge and waved right back to him 26 times!

Way to go, Little Man!!

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7 thoughts on “A new skill

  1. aw cute! just wait; eight months is when we realized Elora was actually trying to SAY things to us! When we said her name she’d turn and say “wha?” and when you said hi she would consistently go “ha!”

  2. very cute!!! i can’t believe how big he is getting and doing so many cute things! you should be proud!

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  4. Hi Bubbers! Hi!!! (I’m waving too). Love this stage when they start figuring out that stuff they do gets a predictable reaction out of you. I’m so glad he is such a happy lil’ guy!

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