It ain’t pretty

I’ve debated long and hard about sharing this story with y’all.

Finally, I decided it’s a story that just has to be told, but it ain’t pretty, let me tell you…..


It begins with my long grass photo shoot with the Bubbers king.

As we all know, Heidi was not in tip-top form that day.

While I’m typically rather observant, it’s probably safe to say nobody this side of the Mississippi would call me at all observant here.

(C’mon, give me a break, I honestly didn’t see it! Yes, I know it was huge and practically on his face, but I didn’t see it, I swear! Okay fine, does it make you feel any better if I tell you I still get the hebejeebies and shivers of terror whenever I look at it? C’mon, you have to forgive me sometime….. After all, it’s Christmas!….. Please?)

So my lack of observational skills combined with episodes of slapping my own face and making endless silly noises to get the Bubbers man to look at the camera were ingredients just waiting for disaster…..

PICT0117 cropped

Aw, how cute, he’s reaching for some grass!


Holy mackerel! Get a load of those adorable red lips all puckered up.

And those pudgy hands? What a darling!

PICT0097 cropped

Oh my heavens, could his profile BE any more perfect?!

PICT0128 cropped

Aw, you wanna taste? Well…..okay, I guess that’s all right…..

PICT0131 cropped

Wow, Littles, you’re really going to town, aren’t ya?

PICT0129 cropped

I’ve never seen anyone do that before!

PICT0099 cropped

Poor Little Man.

I was so captivated by his many charms and unexpected talents with greenery, I didn’t notice that he actually, um, swallowed some…..

PICT0112 cropped

Until it went straight through my little darling the next day.



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  1. Those are lovely photos of your son. I found you from your comments on PW’s blog & I will be back to check you out again. blessings…

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