Sweet Bippy!

December 15th, 2007

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Charming can do anything (ANYTHING!) with a computer.

“Hm, I wonder if I could take this picture, rotate it sideways, add five dancing monkeys, multiply it by 23 and then cut it in half….. Do you think that’s possible? Or is that asking a little much?”

Without fail, Charming would respond, “Well, let’s see.”

Then I get up out of the chair, he gets in the chair, takes over the computer and magical things happen.


Or, my Dad calls up and I haven’t talked to him in forever.

“Wow, hi Dad!! How are you doing?? It’s so good to hear your voice!”

“Hi Heidi,” he says, “Is Charming there?”

“Oh,” I say disappointed, “Uh, sure….. Having computer problems again?”

“Darn internet isn’t working again, and tech support can’t fix it, so we wanted to ask Charming for some help again. He always knows how to fix it.”

“No problem, Dad, let me get him…..”


Or, today I was wishing I had a better archival system for my blog and wanted Charming to help me find one. But he was out with the Boy Scouts.

Hmm, maybe I could do it without him, I dared to think.

So I pretended to know what I was doing and googled for WordPress archive plugins. In no time at all I found the perfect list of archive plugins.

Bingo! I smiled This isn’t so bad after all…..

Then I tried to read the descriptions and I clicked on a couple links. Then I read a Pioneer Woman post. Then I checked my email. Then I ate lunch and did the laundry. Then I looked at the list again.

Yup, still there, I noticed, though I finally had to admit I was totally stuck. I knew my answer was somewhere on that webpage but I had no idea where. Or what to do with it once I found it.

When Charming got home, I explained what I wanted to him.

“Well, let’s see,” was his typical response.

I showed him the webpage I’d gotten stuck on and in 2 minutes flat he found the one I wanted and installed it on my blog.

“That’s perfect!!” I exclaimed, “Thank you!!”


So, there you have it!

Now there’s a lovely “Monthly Archives” tab at the top of this here blog that makes my organizing heart go thumpity-thump every time I look at it.

It’s a safe place I can go to see a beautiful list of all my posts organized by month. Blessed, blessed day!

Boy, what would I do without him? Good thing I never have to know!

Thanks, again, Love. :)

(You can puke in our bathroom any time).

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Ailene Hert | 12/18/2007 2:01 pm

Awww… so sweet! :)


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