The zipline

Do you ever do something that makes you feel like a kid again? Even just for a moment?

And isn’t it just a glorious moment?

Well, that’s how I felt one day at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving


It all started one sunny afternoon when I was out back helping the grandkids ride the zipline.

The zipline?!?

Yes, the zipline.

See, one day my Dad got an idea to build a zipline in his backyard for his many grandchildren to enjoy.

So he built it.

All by himself.

Yeah, he’s pretty much a mechanical, constructional genius. And the coolest Grandpa to boot.

Needless to say, it’s been the hit of every family gathering ever since.

This is the platform where you get on the zipline. (Aw, hi there little snag!)

PICT0370 edited

And this is the rope seat at the end of the zipline where you bounce to a crazy stop.

PICT0374 edited

Even when it’s freezing outside, the children beg to ride it, which is why I went out there with them. Someone had to be the supervising adult and make sure nobody lost an eye or went flinging off into the forest.

Well, it wasn’t long before I started noticing how much fun all these cute little rugrats were having.

One by one they dragged the rope up to the platform, jumped on the seat and went whipping in the wind down to the end of the line where they merrily bounced around before hopping off to do it all again.

I suppose it was natural that certain thoughts began stealing into my head.

Hey… why don’t… why don’t I take a turn?? I asked myself.

Holy smokes! I replied, What a cool idea! Weirder things have happened, right?

Sure! I responded back, It’ll be no big deal–just sneak on between rugrats and nobody’ll even notice…

The decision was made and I authoritatively announced to the rugrats, “Um, Aunt Heidi’s going to take a turn now, okay? Is that all right? Okay, here I go.”

I commandeered the rope, struggled onto the seat (boy, that was harder than it looked), kicked off the platform and went sailing down before I knew what I was doing.

I tell you what, the giggles just poured out of me!

Gone was the wife. Gone was the responsible mother.

I was a little school girl just having fun and it was awesome!

I whizzed down to the end, jerked abruptly and then bounced wildly.

Since I hung a little, um, lower than the rugrats did, my rear end soundly thumped and scraped the ground, spraying bark everywhere.

It was fabulous!

I laughed outloud and didn’t want to get off.

Finally I did, and just as I was heading back up to the platform where the rugrats were waiting for me, one of them called out in concern, “Did you break it?!?

Still surrounded by the euphoria of being a little school girl, I screeched to a sudden halt.

“What?!?” I called back in horror.

Did you break it?!?” she yelled again with great concern.

Dumbfounded, I just stared.

“No!” I sputtered, “Of course I didn’t break it!!”

Why on earth would I break it? I thought angrily to myself. I’m just a little girl like her!… Aren’t I?

Suddenly I looked at her a little closer, Just how big does she think I am??

Incredibly deflated, I handed the rope to her and watched her sail down.

It wasn’t long before it happened again. I just couldn’t help myself.

“Um, Aunt Heidi’s going to take another turn now, okay kids?” I said as I took possession of the rope and started to get on again.

I wasn’t even halfway on when that same little rugrat called out, “Are you going to break it??

“What?!” I sputtered uncontrollably, “Of course I’m not going to break it! Did I break it before? Nooo!”

“Are you sure you’re not going to break it?” she asked unconvinced, her big blue eyes looking up at me with grave concern.

“Humph,” was all I said as I kicked off the platform and went for another carefree sail.

Ahh, this is the life!

The giggle was back and I laughed even louder when my rear hit the ground again.

I was still bouncing around when I’ll be darned if that little rugrat didn’t yell out again for all to hear, “Did you break it?!

“Oh my heavens,” I muttered under my breath.

Just then I heard Bubbers start to wake up on the monitor.

I handed the rope off to a nearby rugrat, picked up the monitor and headed back inside.

Shaking my head, I just smiled as I became the responsible mother again.

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5 thoughts on “The zipline

  1. Did you break it? Sheesh, what an insult! And I love zip lines! I’ve been on two really big high ones, one with a harness, and one with just handles you hold onto. The handles one was definitely funner, but probably too dangerous and they shouldn’t have let us ride it (it was at a youth conference.)
    How fun.

  2. Hahaha… if they thought YOU were going to break it… they probably would have screamed NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! if I wanted a turn on it… and then begged me not to touch it… lol

  3. In a million years, I know you couldn’t break it. You’re positively TINY.

    Also: this is the reason that I still love to ride roller coasters and can’t NOT go to amusement parks. There are very few things adults can continue to do that make them feel like free-falling kids again. Beautiful.

  4. aren’t kids funny, i’m sure that would be something my nephews would ask me too! i don’t think they understand that you don’t weigh too much more than them. it’s like you weigh a thousand pounds!!!!! hahaha! that’s awesome that you rode on the zip line though. brings back so many memories.

  5. Hey if you ever wanna get that feeling again. We have zipline I put up for the boys last Christmas. We love it!!!

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