Prince Charming’s Parents

I’d like to introduce you to Charming’s parents…

PICT0050 edited & cropped

They came to visit for Christmas and we had such a wonderful time!

I’m so glad they came and I missed them the moment they left.

They left for the airport last Friday morning, and that whole day I kept seeing things that reminded me of them and made me so sad.

But I tried to just suck it in and adjust to being alone again.

I was doing pretty well, until the Bubbers king caught me by surprise…..

You see, Charming’s Mom taught little Bubbers how to do “Patty Cake”. I didn’t even know that was possible for an 8-month-old to learn!

But sure enough, after a few days of watching her, Bubbers started pulling his little fists together to “pat” and then “rolling” his fists, too. We couldn’t believe it!!

Every time he did it we busted up with smiles and laughs and pride.

And wouldn’t you know, I was changing the Little Man’s diaper a couple hours after they left for the airport and feeling mighty sad when he looked up at me and out of nowhere started “rolling” his fists.

My lonely heart just ached and I smiled, “Oh, Bubbers!”

But Grandma wasn’t there to see it anymore and that just tore me up.

So I laid my head down on the floor next to him and had a good cry for the both of us (since Bubbers was busy babbling and eating his socks).

The cry made me feel better. And I realized it was worth the sadness after they left to have the joy of when they were there.

Honestly, folks


Shouldn’t I be taking this out of his mouth, instead of smiling uncontrollably and pulling out my camera?


But I just can’t help myself! This child has me saran wrapped around his little finger.


No wait, make that triple saran wrapped around his little finger.

PICT0069 cropped

Okay, okay, triple saran aluminum foil ziploc baggie wrapped around his little finger.