A slice of heaven

When my Dad retired a few years ago, my parents decided to move to California and build their dream home in the mountains.

I was madly in love with our hometown in Nevada, so my little heart broke the day they moved and I cried myself to sleep on Charming’s shoulder.

While I’ll always miss Nevada, no one can deny the beauty of my parents’ new home.

We had a fantastic visit for Thanksgiving and I sure didn’t complain when I opened their front door and saw this.

PICT0394 edited

Here’s a closer look at this gorgeous, formidable volcano.

PICT0400 edited

Between delicious home-cooked meals from my Mom, we took a walk.

PICT0181 edited

Crisp, fresh air. Not a skyscraper in sight.

PICT0168 edited

Aww, hi there Little Man!



PICT0201 edited

I could definitely get used to this.

PICT0166 edited


For more pictures, click here to visit Heidi’s Studio.

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12 thoughts on “A slice of heaven

  1. i’ve always love cali, depending on where you are. is that northern cali? it is very beautiful!!!

  2. Such breath-taking pictures!! What a lovely place to come “home” to for Thanksgiving! How was your little guy’s first big holiday?? Thanks again for sharing with us! :)

  3. Is that Mt. Shasta? If it is, I have relatives that live there, maybe they’re in the same ward? Or is it Redding, or round abouts there?

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