What’s the skinny?…

… on babies sucking on paper?

I tried to search online “paper baby ink eating” to see what the experts say about 7-month-olds chomping on paper, but I didn’t find anything.

Bubbers just loves a handful of paper, so I hate to take it away from him if it doesn’t hurt him.

But when he gets one that smears ink all over, that just can’t be good for him, can it??

Thank you for your help!

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12 thoughts on “What’s the skinny?…

  1. We used to find small pieces of paper in Elora’s diaper..I’ll let you use your imagination as to how they got there. Joshua has just picked up this love as well. At church last week I gave him the program to chew on, and the next time I looked at him he just had a corner sticking out of his mouth! Luckily, I was able to retrieve the wad from his mouth just in time.
    I don’t think it will hurt them, its just weird.

  2. i agree with tearese, i don’t think it will hurt him. when i was little i ate a lot of paper and i don’t think i’ve been affected, or have i????? j/k. i wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  3. Paper is made from wood. Wood is made of cellulose as opposed to cellulite. I wood rather have cellulose in my body than all the cellulite that appears to be there. I wood agree with the safe side that it won’t cause any lasting harm (as long as the pine beetle does not invade).

  4. I inherited a worry wart gene from my mother, so I’d say, be careful that he doesn’t get too big of a wad in there. Wouldn’t want him to choke on it… but the paper itself… well, I figure it’s just extra fiber! :)

  5. I loved your thoughts, everyone–thank you! :)
    I guess what worries me the most is the ink on the paper–has anyone heard anything about that being bad for wee babes (or made in China with lead)??

  6. Hmmm… the only thing I can think of that would pose a problem is the ink… if you’re concerned about the ink… you can give him a piece of plain printer paper to munch on… or substitute another munchie… like a wash cloth…

  7. Preston loves paper too! he always reaches for the ads when I’m looking through them. Someone told me to give him wax paper because it won’t disenegrate in his mouth, but I don’t know if ingesting wax is bad too…

  8. Alycia: Thanks for visiting and posting a comment! Wax paper is a good idea–though I also wonder about the wax being okay for baby suckage. Let me know if you find out anything definitive!

  9. I’ll have to keep looking into it. :) Another thought came to me the other day. What about laminated paper? Do you think that wouldn’t be as fun for them because it doesn’t crinkle up? I don’t know… just a thought.

  10. When William was in his paper stage, a friend gave us a piece of plastic like the kind teachers use on overhead projectors. William loved the noise it made, it didn’t fall apart or have any ink on it, and it was flexable, but too stiff to be a suffication hazzard. We actually still have it. I’m guessing it will last through a few more kids too.

  11. Kara: Hey, that’s a good idea! I actually have some of that stuff (for some strange reason). I’ll have to try it–thanks!

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