7 weird and random things…

Holy smokes–my first tag! I’m so excited, I can hardly wait (thank you, Pam!)…


1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
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Now, the last time I did something like this, Charlotte said my answers weren’t very surprising, so this time I’m really trying hard for at least one thing that catches you by surprise. If not, you know me way too well…


1. As mentioned in the chicken story, I grew up on a farm of sorts. At one point, my Dad decided he wanted to raise llamas.

“What on earth do you do with llamas?” people at school frequently asked me with a blank stare.

“Well, umm, you see…” was my intelligent reply.

My Dad said they were like artwork: very expensive and nice to look at.


Oh yeah, check it out. My incredible sense of fashion was evident even at an early age.


2. I have an aversion to toilets and non-carpeted floors. Being near them makes me very uneasy.

I actually just discovered this recently, so I’m not sure if I acquired it as an adult or if it’s been secretly festering in me always.

Either way, it’s real and makes it quite difficult for me to want to clean the floors and bathrooms in my house (as if I needed it to be any harder…).

Fortunately, Charming offered me a killer deal: He’ll clean all the floors and toilets in the house if I’ll change all stinky diapers and do the budget.

Are you kidding me? Absolutely!!


3. Currently, there are approximately 100 bananas in my upright freezer waiting to be turned into banana bread sometime before the millennium.


4. I grew up on goat’s milk.

Before the llamas, we had a bunch of goats.

They were very cute and cuddly.

Well, all of them except our billy goat. We called him Leo Pee-o because he urinated on himself to attract the ladies.

(Wow, did I just write that outloud? Huh, I guess I did…).


Boy, it’s a good thing I labeled this picture so well. You never know when a goat might be mistaken for, oh, I don’t know–a turkey or something crazy like that.


5. I love school. From kindergarten to my master’s degree–school was absolute heaven for me.

When I worked as a speech-language pathologist, I chose to work in schools because (as I told the Personnel woman who interviewed me), “When I walk into an elementary school, I feel like I’m coming home.”

And come on, who can resist adorable kindergarteners who don’t look where they’re going because they’re smiling so huge up at you and almost run into the flagpole?

And sassy first graders who insist you should name your baby after them? Multiple times. In the same day.


6. My family calls me the “historian”.

It was the running joke in my family that if you couldn’t remember when something happened to have Heidi go look it up in her journal.

“Hey Heidi,” one of my older brothers would call out with a big grin on his face, “When was the last time I sat on you in the front yard and stuck grass up your nose?”

Then I ran like a crazed banshee to hide behind Mom’s legs and tattle my head off.


7. And last, but most definitely not least: I am a sucker for all things romantic.

58900039 cropped

As a youth, I frequently read poetry books in meadows while clad in formal gowns and bare feet.


And then Prince Charming appeared, hefted me onto his noble steed while reciting poetry by heart and I swooned.

Double sigh.


Okay, now it’s your turn…

I’m tagging:

Prince Charming








p.s. That was so fun, thanks again for tagging me, Pam!

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10 thoughts on “7 weird and random things…

  1. Heidi, it was so fun to learn more about you. I have to go back and read more of your archives to see what else I’ve missed.

    Journals are such a treasure. I’m finding that some memories that I thought I would never forget, are fading. And it is nice to be able to go back and find out all kinds of family historical tidbits. Like, what did we do last Christmas? That might not be a problem for you, but it’s getting to be for me.

    A hundred bananas? C’mon, it’s time to make a little banana bread and pitch the rest. You’ll never use them all — especially since I have a hunch you keep adding to them. :-)

    Thanks for taking part in this. (Loved the cute pictures, too)

  2. Okay Heidi, you totally look like a SUPERHERO in the picture with the goats. I’m sure it was a treasured outfit that you only wore on special occasions, but you’ve just got to tell me: Pajamas? Fancy leisure-suit for the under 8 set? A way for your mom not to have to worry about both top AND bottom? Or a glimpse of your alter-ego Super Goat Girl? I’ve got to know!

  3. Heidi, what a beautiful picture of you at the end!! I love it – very romantic – reminds me of Sense and Sensibility. :) Thanks for sharing with us!

    So now that you’ve admitted to your fear of non-carpeted floors, I just have to ask: WHAT are you going to do when Bubbers starts crawling?? ;)

  4. It looks beautiful at your childhood home in the winter, and I love that last picture too! I love reading off alone by myself. Actually, I really miss it. But I never wore a dress. Or curled my hair.

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  6. It was all worth it just to see that picture of twee Heidi and the Llama:) And you definitely DID surprise me this time around, Heidi! Although not with the bananas. I feel like I should be surprised but I’ve seen your freezer so I’m not. Leo pee-o. Hee.

  7. I’m happy to report that all but one of these facts were very familiar to me. I had no idea about the floor aversions. I understand though. In a reverse way, I’m starting to have an aversion to carpeted floors. Having hardwood has brought to my attention all the stuff that is hiding in the rugs…

    I love those pics, you hot mama! Gardnerville is so beautiful.

  8. Pam: Thank you! You’re not alone–I have trouble remembering stuff, too, if I don’t write it down. And you’re right, I should totally pitch the bananas, but I just can’t make myself do it.

    Whimsy: LOL! You’re right–I never noticed that… :) They’re my pajamas–my Mom loved the one-piece sleepers. I’m surprised they made them that big!

    Melissa: I’m going to curl up and die. A very slow death. I don’t know how you’re managing it right now… (Aw, thanks for liking the picture!) :)

    Tearese: Oh, I LOVED my hometown–it really was gorgeous (especially for Nevada). LOL! I actually never wore a dress either, except for this picture. :):)

    Ailene: Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed them!

    Charlotte: Phew! I’m glad I surprised you with SOMETHING this time! “Twee Heidi”–I like it… :)

    Jesse: What? How did you know about the bananas??? Have you been hiding in my garage? :)
    You know, it’s seeing everything clearly on non-carpeted floors that freaks me out. Since I can’t see it on carpets, I pretend it’s not there, and it doesn’t bother me.
    Thanks, Jheshe! :)

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