A snapshot in time

The little Bubbers man is seven months old now and my sentimental heart needs some good emotional detoxing (in a hurts good sort of way)…

  • What he’s doing right now:
    • “Ahmama…ah…ppffft…ahbabamama…baba…mm…” talking himself to sleep on the baby monitor (and undoubtedly rolling around in his crib while eating his socks and sneaking a few chews on his thumb)
  • Things I never expected:
    • To love the smell of spit up because it reminds me of the Bubbers king
    • The thought of weaning him someday (well, at least before he turns 18) instantly making me sad and need cuddling
    • To learn all the warning signs of impending spit up and reacting to them automatically and with lightening speed
    • To figure out how to easily hold 20 pounds of cuteness in one arm while doing things around the house with the other arm, and not wanting it any other way!
    • To think that everything he does is cute and entertaining because he’s the one who did it (honestly, even stuff that should totally gross me out, it’s the strangest thing…)
  • His favorites:
    • Blue rubber teething foot and pacifiers (mainly for chewing on)
    • “I’m gonna get you!…”
    • Big, exaggerated fake sneezes
    • Electronics that make noise (computer, phone, TV, etc.)
    • Dad’s name tag, ribbons and straps
    • Old MacDonald had a farm (actually, he seems to love all songs)
    • Baths, walks, people-watching, outings and eating furiously
    • Mom and Dad (melt my heart!)
  • His not-so favorites:
    • Having his face washed
    • Having anything done to his nose (getting very good at deflecting anything coming at the nose and showing just how super-strong he is to stop it at all costs)
    • His jumper (he used to love his jumper; I’m so sad; I hope it’s just a phase he comes out of…)
  • His special talents:
    • Spitting up more (in frequency and quantity) than any child that has ever lived or will ever live in this galaxy (no, I’m not exaggerating, just ask anyone who’s been in the same room with him for at least five minutes)
    • Growing out of clothes girth-wise before length-wise
    • Locking eyes with strangers and making them instantly smile at him
  • How he’s sleeping:
    • 12 hours at night (7 p.m.-7 a.m.)
    • 3-4 naps during the day (typically 30 minutes; occasionally up to 2 1/2 hours long)
  • Mom’s favorites:
    • Nursing him while he nonchalantly reaches up with his free hand and randomly grabs and lets go of my lips/chin/cheeks/nose
    • Feeding him cereal while he holds up both hands, opens his mouth wide and looks into my eyes with eager anticipation
    • Cuddling in the rocking chair after he’s fed
    • Singing primary songs to him while I change his diaper and get him ready for bed
    • Hugging him extra tight after I haven’t held him in a while
    • Making him smile and laugh as he looks at me with his eyes all lit up!
    • Hearing him babble (especially to himself!)
    • Racing Dad to be the first one to get him up after a nap when he’s a super smiley cute man
    • When he rolls over to get something interesting before I can get a new diaper on him
    • The way he whips his head back and forth over my shoulder to look at things
    • Watching Dad play with him at night
  • Dad’s favorites:
    • Holding him
    • His smile
    • His laugh
    • When he reaches for something he wants
    • When he reaches for something just out of his grasp and keeps trying
    • When he smiles as wide as he can, squints his eyes and sucks his breath in really fast while excitedly shaking his fists
    • When we feed him
    • Playing with him on the bed

Ah, I feel better now. Thank you!

PICT0300 cropped

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9 thoughts on “A snapshot in time

  1. Awe, that is so sweet!! Enjoy that little one, I promise he will grow up so much quicker than you could ever imagine!! I enjoyed your photo blog, you have one cutie pie there, guess I don’t need to tell you that!!

  2. Thank you for the comment, Cindy! I’m so glad you liked my photo blog and think the little man is cute! (Yes, I do think he’s a cutie pie, too). :)

  3. Heidi, great way to record a “snapshot in time” of your little guy. Don’t you just wish you could bottle the essence of him so that when he’s older (and maybe on a day when he’s not being quite so cute) you could just open the bottle and remember these sweet moments?

    When my sweet little grandchildren say or do something that warms my heart (which is often), I come home and write it down quickly so I don’t forget it. When I re-read them, my heart laughs all over again.

    Thank you SO MUCH for telling me how to do one of those hidden links! I’m looking forward to reading more about you.


  4. Pam, that is EXACTLY how I feel!! I think that’s why I take so many pictures and videos–I want to remember in vivid detail exactly how he was and be able to go back and relive it whenever I want to.
    –Charming says he thinks we’ll be able to do that in heaven, and I really, really hope so!!
    –And what a great idea to write the cute things your grandkids do immediately–besides what I put up here, I need to get better at that.
    –You’re very welcome for the link help! I hope it made sense. Let us know if you have any other questions–Charming’s famous for figuring out anything on a computer. (Thank heavens!)
    –Aw, thanks for wanting to read more about me–that makes me feel so special!

  5. That’s a great list. Those sorts of memoires will still hurt in a good kind of way when you read them later, I gaurantee it. It hurt me in a good kind of way just reading yours, and I’ve got a brand new one all my own!

  6. Great post, Love!

    Pam, there will never be days when he’s “not being quite so cute”. Ever.

    Why, yes, he is our first child. How did you know?

    Congrats on the new little one, Jesse!

  7. Oh, Love, you crack me up! I seem to recall a couple days ago when you didn’t think he was cute with his stinky diaper… :) (And how funny you sounded talking without breathing through your nose so you wouldn’t smell it!)

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