The Core Four

I couldn’t help myself. I just had to share this funny video with you. (It makes me laugh just thinking about posting it).

But first, I have to introduce the “Core Four” to you.

When Charming and I were first married and still figuring out how to make friends AS a couple WITH a couple (a little trickier than we thought it would be)–we were very lucky to find three other couples in our ward that we got along with really well.

We’ve all been friends for six years now, and even though we’ve all moved out of that ward where we met, we keep in touch through email and visits when possible.

Eventually, we started calling ourselves the “Core Four”.

HPIM1883 cropped

This is the Core Four the last time we got together in May of 2006. As you can see, a very fun group! :)

(Hey, wait a minute, I think I’ve seen Charming make that face before…).

Now, the reason I want to introduce them to you is because whenever we find something we like, we email it to the rest of the Core Four to share in our fun.

As you can imagine, with eight internet-active adults, we pass around some pretty funny things…

So, I need to give credit to them as the source of this wonderful video (and almost all the other funny videos I have posted).

With the Core Four, you never know what you’re gonna get and every day is a wonderful adventure in cyberspace.

And yesterday, I found this in my inbox.

I will never look at tacos the same again…

(Thanks, Jason!)

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9 thoughts on “The Core Four

  1. heidi,
    i actually was watching snl the day it aired!!! it’s soo funny, thank you so much for sharing it again!!! actually the more i think about it the more i get the sick feeling. you know what i mean. i guess it’s a pregnancy thing, well, i would still feel the same way about the skit if i wasn’t pregnant. thank you for sharing it though, it totally made my day!

  2. I saw it on SNL too. When it started I thought, wait, haven’t I seen this before….i laughed just as hard seeing it again. Thanks.

  3. That’s so funny that you’ve both seen it already! I’ve never seen SNL–when did this air originally?

  4. Love the post, Heidi! :) Wasn’t that “commercial” a riot? It was good at making fun of how ridiculous fast food can get. My fave was the part about serving it “in a commemorative tote bag”. :)

    I love the picture you posted of us, too! *sigh* I sure wish I could go back and relive some of the early Core Four days, when we were all together! But I guess that even though life has made us all go our separate ways, we’ve all been very blessed – and for that I am grateful. And I can definitely say that I’d rather have the memories and miss everyone, than to never have made the memories in the first place. (Did that make sense?? I hope it did!) Yay for the internet to help us keep in touch!! ;)

  5. Oh Heidi!! Way to make me miss you guys like crazy! That pic brings back soooo many memories:) I’m with you Melissa- sometimes I wish we could go back the halcyon days of early marriage and all you good friends. We’ve made good friends since then but nothing that compares to the Core 4. Thank heaven for e-mail!! (And silly videos that give us something to talk about).

  6. Heidi,

    That is hilarious! I hope you don’t mind if I add it to my page! I love SNL! How are you? You’re sooo great at blogging….someday I’ll be as creative and detailed as you are….

    Mia has had a nasty cold for the last week and a half…I’m hoping she’ll get over that soon. I’m not a fan of the green slime bubbles :(

  7. Hahaha… what a funny video! At first, I thought… mmm… that sounds good… but when the started wrapping everything around it… hahahaha… that commemorative bag plopped on the table with the chili crashing out of it cracked me up… :) Thanks for sharing!

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