Whoah, that was nasty!

The little Bubbers man was being a little cranky, so I thought I’d cheer him up.

“You wanna play?” I crooned as I sat on the couch with him.

I bounced him around and made funny noises.

Still cranky.

Hmm, that didn’t work, I thought.

Then I nibbled his sides like he was corn-on-the-cob (one of his all-time favorites).

That got a couple laughs, but still cranky overall.

“Okay, let’s try this!” I said and held him up high over my head.

I smiled up at him and he looked down at me.

I started to lower him down for some more nibbling, when, “Blaaahh!”

The Bubbers man spit up.

And it landed squarely into my smiling mouth.


I just told Charming and he started gagging.

“I should probably go brush my teeth now…” I thought outloud.

“Um, you think?!” was his immediate reply.


My Mom said when I was a baby, I spit up in her mouth once.

I hope karma is satisfied now.

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6 thoughts on “Whoah, that was nasty!

  1. Hahaha! Well… not so hahaha I guess… but gross! You should have kissed Charming prior to telling him about it… so he could have been even more grossed out… ;)

  2. So funny. Moms get to put up with some pretty gross stuff. But when the grossness is coming from your own little dumpling… at least its tolerable, right?

  3. I can’t remember if that ever happened with Elora. I guess less pleasant things tend to fade from memory. I’m sure she at least came close!

  4. Welcome to the ick club:) It is only the beginning of a long parade of nasty bodily fluids that will land on you. I’m glad you have a sense of humor though (and a toothbrush!) Do you remember when Chase did the same thing to his dad, Casey Peterson, and he ran screaming out of sacrament meeting? Good times:)

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