Responsible citizens

Charming and I are amazingly responsible citizens.

Oh yeah.

For Family Home Evening last week, Charming wanted us to vote.

“Sure!” I said, “That’s a great idea!”

So, we sat down with our absentee ballots and voters guide booklets and cast our votes.

“Who did you vote for?” I constantly asked, peering over Charming’s shoulder to get a look at his ballot.

“It doesn’t matter,” he constantly replied, “Vote for whoever you think is best.”

“I am!” I retorted huffily, “… I’m just curious. Who did you vote for??”

After 15 or 20 minutes of that, we were done.

We signed and sealed our envelopes and congratulated ourselves on being such amazingly responsible citizens. We had finished voting nine whole days before they were due. (That’s big for us).


A couple days ago, my good friend Michelle called to remind us to vote.

“Oh, we already voted last week!” Charming explained to her happily, “No worries here.”

Boy, were we responsible citizens or what.


This morning, I was earthquake proofing my computer tower with strips of velcro (am I the only one who loves disaster preparedness with a passion??).

As I was moving a stack of papers on my desk out of the way, I suddenly found two large purple envelopes.


“Uh, Love,” I said meekly on the phone.

“Yeah?” he replied.

“Um, I just found our ballots,” I explained, “They never got mailed…”

What’s today? November 7th.

When did they need to be postmarked? November 6th.



Two amazingly responsible citizens.

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8 thoughts on “Responsible citizens

  1. Oh no! How terrible! Sorry that your ballots didn’t get out in the mail! Jared and I voted and sent our ballots out on the 5th… so we waited until the last minute, but they got out!

    Does that mean now you can open his ballot and peek to see who he voted for? :)

  2. Ailene,
    –LOL! I like the way you think… :):)
    –Good for you guys getting them out on time (a day early even!).

  3. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet registered to vote in our new location. Oops. We were always good about it when we got the mailed ones there. Joseph had actually never voted before we got married and I made him..tsk, tsk.

  4. This could be a minority opinion, I think you get karmic points just for **thinking** about voting, let alone **actually filling out the ballots**. Of course, that doesn’t help any in the whole actual voting issue.

  5. Yes, Heidi, I think you get brownie points for at least having the desire to vote! :)

    I always wondered why married people always tell each other everything EXCEPT about who and what they vote for…? I guess it makes sense… since politics can possibly be something that causes contention…

    Jared knows how I vote… and I know how he votes… in fact… he voted no on something that I voted yes on… so we wound up cancelling each other’s vote out anyway… hahaha. It’s fun for us to vote together. We had a REALLY good laugh about one of the candidate’s statements that was in the voter’s pamphlet… in fact… we still giggle and joke about it… I’d share it with you all… but I’m afraid maybe some of you voted for the guy that we were laughing about… ;) So I’d better keep my mouth shut and just giggle to myself… ;)

  6. Well, at least you tried! I voted…stood in line…did my civic duty. There were only three items on our ballot in Provo. It seems I voted on the wrong side of all three. Actually it was the right side, everyone else was wrong :-)

    I found your blog via Pioneer Woman. Good to see a few of you standing up for morality in the Comments section of the last installment of her story. The world thinks differently than we think, and that was painfully apparent by most of the other comments. Good for you to “Stand for Truth and Righteousness”!

  7. You said something about that post on PW? I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t make a comment. I usually scan through to see if you commented…there are several other Heidi commentors too. I’ll have to go see what you said.

  8. okay, I went and read all your comments on PW(Thanks to that “control F” tip someone left on the photo-naming post) and I’m glad you said what you did! You shared the other viewpoint without sounding judgmental towards Ree. Good job. K, I’m going to bed!

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