A Scanning Celebration

A couple years ago, I confiscated all my Mom’s photo albums and negatives so I could scan every single one.


1: I love the sense of control I feel to know I have digital copies of every single picture my parents took. (Is that weird or what?)

2: I’m going to use them in my latest DVD project. (That’s the “normal” sounding reason I gave my Mom for stealing all her pictures).

So, last night I finished scanning my Mom’s eighth gargantuan photo album. (293 pictures. A bit of a relief after 489 scans for album #7).

I’ve only got about three more albums to go. Woohoo!

As a celebration for my scanning success thus far, I’m posting some of my favorite pictures for your viewing pleasure…

Check out these strollers! (I’m in the one on the right).I’d never seen this picture and I was fascinated to see how much baby paraphernalia has changed in 20 some-odd years. These things are basically metal bars with seats and wheels.

The word that came to my mind when I saw these: Ouch!

Check out this walker! (This is one of my older brothers).Again–metal bars with a seat and wheels. Wow! I don’t think I could have started Bubbers in this as early as I did in our walker now.

I liked this picture for a few reasons… The swing was cool (more metal bars with a seat).

But my favorite part is this neat feeling I have seeing my two older sisters next to me like that. They look so pretty and feminine to me. And very protective. I just like it.

I also like that it reminds me of Bubbers. I look about his age right now, so it makes me think of him. And whenever I think of him, I smile inside and the world is at peace.

This is me asleep on my brother’s bed. I loved this because it totally made me think of Bubbers.There’s something magical about watching your baby sleep. Seeing me asleep with all those warm colors around me just feels good. Do you know what I mean?

(It also blows my mind to think I was ever a baby like Bubbers. And I wonder what Bubbers will be like when he’s my age. And then I feel sad and happy at the same time).

This is my Mom’s all-time favorite picture of me as a young tot. She loves how ginormous my eyes are.

This is me and my brother, Beaster. We’ve always been good buddies. And I love how we look here.

I’d never seen this picture, either, but I just fell in love with it.It’s all 8 of us kids as a Nativity scene. Is that just cool or what? (I’m the littlest angel).

This is one of my all-time favorites. It reminds me of one our Christmas traditions…Every Christmas morning, we lined up oldest to youngest. Then one at a time we’d go into the living room and find our stocking full of gifts (while my Dad videotaped).

If my younger sister had been born and in this picture, then it would really be perfect. (I’m the little caboose at the end).


Ah, that was nice. Thanks for taking a trip through time with me. :)

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3 thoughts on “A Scanning Celebration

  1. My mom has about thirty family albums, plus the ones for each of us individually. Thats weird to me that you wouldn’t have seen pictures before; one of our family past times was sitting around looking at the old photo albums. Since I’m the oldest, there are a huge amount of pictures of me, and I have them all memorized down to which albums they are in.
    I already have about ten albums of my own!
    I should do that with my moms albums, but it would take forever and probably break our scanner!
    Fun pictures.

  2. Tearese–30 albums–WOW!! That’s so neat that you looked at them all and have them memorized. My Mom says we looked at them as kids. So I’ve probably seen them before, but I honestly don’t remember many of these. I certainly didn’t have them all memorized! :) That’s awesome that your baby stuff looked the same as ours! It would be interesting to see how this equipment has evolved over the years until now…

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